My Hero Academia 5×8 Reaction

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  1. The speed is inconsistent because he was already injured as well as carrying Shoto, but also he can only maintain max speed for 10 minutes and the match is 20 minutes long

  2. Ah yes, match three, where they straight up try to kill each other and the teachers say ‘this is fine’ lmao
    Awase has the ‘weld’ quirk- he helped Momo when the training camp was attacked way back in season 2. He kept the chainsaw nomu from reaching them, then attached the tracker she made to it when it turned to leave.
    Two in each class got in on recommendation- they still had to take a test (race around an obstacle course, we saw Shouto run it in M Bison’s ‘tragic backstory’ flashbacks) and the criteria are much stricter, but the exams are shorter and they get their acceptances a few weeks before everyone else takes the regular entrance exams.
    Iida was running down an alley with pipes and such on either side, so he couldn’t turn.
    Honenuki’s teeth are actually the same as Ectoplasm’s- the math teacher who can clone himself, Horikoshi’s drawn sketches of most Heroes out of costume- so it could be they’re related.