My Hero Academia 6×1 Reaction

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  1. the difference between cartoons and anime is cartoons are a specific western type of animation whilst anime is considered specifically Japanese animation however some people confuse that fact

  2. Let’s all take a moment of silence for the first Major Death of this conflict…. Poor little Johnny. He was too good for this world, he will not be forgotten.

  3. the terms anime and cartoon have evolved to represent a specific type of show with certain expectations to what it would contain. it mostly comes down to the inspiration of a lot of them. with western cartoons largely inspired by disney and old steamboat willy kinda stuff that was mostly geared towards kids, and japan stemming from completely different inspirations, the biggest difference being that a lot of early anime was also geared towards adults, which is why i think people making the distinction relate to specifically where it comes from is dumb, cause its more complicated than that. because a lot of western animators are being inspired by the exact same content that japanese animators are now, lots of animation teams both in japan and in north america are all being inspired by ghibli movies and works of art that they watched when they were a kid, so people saying that an american person can’t make anime are kinda just being assholes. the team behind netflix’s castlevania grew up watching anime and wanting to make anime when they grew up but just because its an american team people say it doesn’t count and that its a cartoon. but imagine for a second you’re an american kid whos like 12 years old drawing goku and you tell your weeb parents that you wanna make anime when you grow up, you’d have to be such an asshole to be like “nah kid you’ll never make anime you arent japanese”