My Hero Academia 6×11 Reaction

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  1. how were they so lostr when best jeanist showed up for a sec. his belt literally had a BJ lol. and after all the faith aaron had that jeanist wasnt dead

  2. So I intentionally stopped my mind from even trying to figure out any son death stuff or Dabi mystery… like when Dabi started saying things that made me think “so should we know him?” I just shut the thought process down, so this was a surprise to me, and the reaction in my mind was just “OH! HE’S TOYA! Yeah, okay, obviously, that makes total sense… okay I’m with it…” it was almost as if my brain already knew and it just wasn’t shocking, even though it was new info to my mind.

    I haven’t gotten to this episode with my family yet, so I’ll get to watch my daughters realize this… I prefer to watch you guys watch the episode first, you hype so much harder than my husband 😂