My Hero Academia 6×15 Reaction

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  1. guys you have seen the vestiges of one for all and all for one explained the phantom souls thing so the all for one in tomura is just the vestige of all for one that’s within the quirk which is inside tomura same as how the vestiges or one for all passed on to deku when he got the quirk

  2. um did i miss it? or did they take away all for one’s deku line “this is the story of how i become the greatest demon lord” ? pretty sure i didnt hear it in the english dub. seriously how could the dub fuck that up

    1. ok never mind they just said it in a different way, but that still ruins it. it hits hard when he says it just like deku in the first season openings but in reverse as a demon lord instead of greatest hero

  3. its interesting as well that at the start they said they also just dump people who are a threat to the government so people with strong quirks like someone like twice would be sent there just because his powers too strong

  4. and finally we didn’t see much of muscler and moon fish but back in season 4 overhaul was saying he should lead instead of shigeraki because he said that muscular and moonfish were great “pieces on the board” that he wasted so the probably were shows to have done serious atrocities and be super strong just early shiggy didn’t think of them like that it will also be cool to see how there loyalty is since the main league members we know all are fully loyal to shiggy but muscular, moon fish and makia all know all for one more and have only had a big loss when fighting with shiggy. i also dont know if you heard but overhaul mentioned his master when he was running out so its possible he is just going to try and find him and may even beg eri to bring back his arms so he can bring back his master (who he put in the comma) and eri may do it since that guy is her grandfather and only remaining family