My Hero Academia 6×20 Reaction

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    1. If Rick would be half as smart as he think he is, he would know that it’s important how you use clichés. Ask Game of Thrones how “subverting expectations” just for the sake of it usually plays out. This is exactly why I was happy about you and your bad takes not being in the last video

  1. LETS GOO 🔥 Rick always has really fun interpretations on Anime reactions. He’s clearly well watched in the genre and can pick apart a lot of the symbolism with stuff, glad to see him back! Hope his surgery went well

  2. All For One and One For All are Shigarakis… current “shigaraki” was born Tenko Shimura and was adopted by All For One whose first name we don’t know but is a Shigaraki, and his brother was Yoichi Shigaraki