My Hero Academia 6×3 Reaction

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  1. the league of villians like twice for him and his actions not just his power since well he got one of there members killed and one of them lost an arm and this was back when it seemed like he would never make clones of himself and the league never asked that of him and still kept him in and gave him respect

  2. “They’re abusing your friendship” YOU’RE F*CKING WRONG SIR, the only one who doesn’t care is Dabi, he’s just with them to achieve his own goals… But the rest of them (even Shigaraki) do care a lot about the little family they have created. Which makes this moment all the more Tragic.

    Twice was one of the most well-written characters in the whole series and he was definetly the heart of The League of Villains, you may say he was a good person who just got “bad company” or just had “bad luck”… But as Twice himself says it… He wasn’t unlucky at all, The League and it’s members brought him in and accepted him (minus Dabi) for who he is while the rest of society didn’t, they were his friends and family and he would do anything for them.

    He was too pure for this world, and also…… Aaron…. You kept cheering Hawks on during this situation which means you are a terrible person. No one with a minimum of empathy would see this situation a decide to cheer the person who is betraying the trust of someone like Twice.

    By far the saddest death in all of MHA. Rest in Peace Twice, you will not be forgotten.

    1. I get you but you have to relax. Yes, Twice was betrayed by someone who he considered a friend. You can feel sad for Twice. But you also have to realize that Hawks is also in pain emotionally. He was doing his best to keep Twice from moving or duplicating because Hawks did not want to kill Twice. He genuinely believed he could change Twice if he took him under custody during the raid and this outcome pains him. He even saved him when Dabi first showed up and unleashed his flames. He could have very well not saved Twice and the threat would have be neutralized by Dabi himself but he still wanted Twice to live.

  3. You can do two things at once:
    1. Feel bad that a guy like Twice died, because he had potential to be a better version of himself if given the chance.
    2. Be glad he’s gone because he is a bad guy and would of made this whole operation impossible.

  4. I’m not going to be sad for a literal mass murder and terrorist. So what if he had a sad backstory, most evil people in fiction and reality didn’t have happy lives. I never understand when people get sad for the villains, like in black sails when Vain dies. Sometimes it can be warranted, when someone was from birth trained to be evil like maul. He had no choice, Twice on the other hand was given several chances to come quietly. Seriously his last thought before he dies is for someone else to die. someone who is doing exactly what he was trying to do, protect his friends.

    1. We sometimes feel bad for villains cause someone we don’t see them as villains imagine we started the anime with the league like they were the good guys every hero is corrupt and evil we would have cheered on the villains and besides even hawks did a good thing he is still a person of justice and law right so after the war he should face justice cause it was still murder if he doesn’t face justice it would only prove the point of stain even more