My Hero Academia 6×9 Reaction

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  1. You have seen the black and red spike things that stab Bakugo and Endeavor. All for one uses them when we first see him fight. From memory, they are used to stab but also forcefully make people use their quirk.

  2. ok 3 things. they mentioned float as the next quirk deku should learn previously last season so its yalls fault for forgetting. two each container that momo made was enough to supposedly make gigantomachia fall asleep. literally if their first shot where everyone threw worked they might have overdosed gigantomachia. and three the moment in the ending before they show just deku they are changing the ending each time. i thought u were watching it full length to that point because u knew that.

    also there a various changes to the manga but over all it was great. and ur future reactions will be insane

    also bakugou and all mights conversation was a bit off. u get the main idea. but all might was saying the quirks to come should be hideable, if they dont just randomly break out. bakugou, again last season said, the former users quirks werent all that impressive. they never stood out because of that. so from that u should think. ok what weak quirks could be useful after being powered up by one for all. like black whip all quirks are more powerful then before. like this episode says. float was meant to stop u in whatever position ur in in midair. but powered up he can float other people too. its like togas or shigarakis quirks evolving on their own, but through one for all these quirks evolved.

    which brings us to quirk singularity theory. eric, its not about one quirk evolving to have all quirks, its about a single quirk being too much to handle. like ur example of a nuclear human. quirks will just evolve to a point we can not handle them. not just as a society but as individuals. like how deku’s quirk breaks him. it doesnt matter ur intent if ur quirk is explode nuclear fallout and u cant contain it. is it the kids fault? no? and could we have done anything to prevent it? no? quirk doomsday theory is literally, one day quirks will evolve past a point of our control and the world is doomed to end. that is the theory. imagine sun quirk, whenever this individual relaxes he expands into a living sun? that will not be good for earth. can we contain a sun? no and even my hero world which is a few hundred years in the future from lets say present day cant contain that. maybe if their lucky another quirk, but thats the theory, one day a power uncontained will be born and doom us all

    1. Except the quirk singularity theory isn’t scientifically sound, as most quirks aren’t crazy powerful plus Deku himself proves that the population will never reach a point where 100% of people have quirks, as it’s possible for two people with quirks to not pass on any. Even Endevour who went out of his way to create a more powerful quirk combination had to try 4 times in order to produce a successful result

      Quirk singularity isn’t something that will ever occur naturally, it would require selective breeding or giving someone quirks they’re body wasn’t designed to handle

      1. there for a theory, but they showed in a previous season present mic saying the kids playing with bakugou and shoto for their license thing had quirks way more powerful then him when he was a kid. and presnt mic made everyones ears bleed when he was born in the hospital room, so quirks getting naturally stronger is a thing. just look at bakugou. all might admitted even he wasnt using one for all at 100% all the time because it would cause too much collateral damage. so bakugou being able to keep up with 30% deku whose power should be greater than all mights 100%, is very damn impressive and he’s still first year in high school he has a lot of room to grow physically naturally let alone training and quirks are also physical things i imagine grow stronger naturally as well as u go through puberty. bakugous quirk can keep getting much stronger as he gets older and with better control he’s gonna be insane as an adult. now imagine a next gen and next. it doesnt matter how many people dont get a quirk all it takes is one seriously hard to manage one like eri’s without eraser what might have happened at the end of the overhaul fight? deku gets erased, next the people around watching and it expands until eri passes out, she could have cause shigaraki levels of death because she cant control her power and its not something u can defend against

        1. Quriks can get more powerful, however most quirks are genetic and so their bodies have also evolved to handle those quirks. Those students mic was talking about were stronger, but they were no match for someone with real training and they also didn’t have any problems controlling their quirks

          Obviously you can’t compare OFA to genetic quirks as it’s 1 not genetic, and 2 it’s not a natural quirk it was created

          As for Eri not only is her quirk a mutation, which again isn’t genetically passed down, but her lack of control was the result of her upbringing not her biology. Normally students receive counciling and help to deal with and control their quirks, Eri got none of that and was instead experimented on by Overhaul who didn’t even tell her what her quirk was, so she had no chance of being able to control it

          Also quirks can be naturally weak or strong, but what matters most is the training to make them stronger

          Lastly it’s not just about there always being quirkless people, but the fact that people can inherit either of their parents quirks, both, none or something entirely new. In order for there to be a world ending quirk you would need to have have both parents with strong quirks, inherit both quirks, marry someone with an equally strong quirk, have a kid that inherits both quirks, and repeat for several generations. Then you’d need to have a descendant marry someone with a weak body and have a kid that inherited the crazy power and the weak body that’s incapable of controlling it

          The chances of that happening completely by accident are what the scientific community calls basically zero because the chance is so small that you have the same chance as elephants raining from the sky

          That’s why whenever MHA shows real instances of this theory it’s always the result of deliberate actions and never just by chance