My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission Movie Reaction

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  1. A lot of people didnt like this film cause of the plot but for me this has some of the best Deku moments in the whole series and is truly one of his first 1v1s that didnt involve other heroes so im glad he got that moment to shine ( I know the manga constantly shines a light on him a lot “

  2. I will say though the english VA for deku did some of the moments toward the end dirty honestly. When I first watched this film I was honestly shocked at how much deku’s Japanese VA in the last fight moved me cause I hadn’t really cared before that point, the desperation felt very serious and real especially during deku’s power up toward the end and some of his attacks, but this VA made every detroit smash sound exactly the same as the others in the film and any other smash done in the english VA, the lack of emotional variance in the voices during tense moments is a huge downside that I can’t understand how people can overlook it. Don’t get me wrong either, 90% of the english VA is great in this film, especially rody’s voice which I actually liked more than the japanese but when it mattered most it fell flat.

  3. I love Rick but Imma need him to get over his CG phobia ’cause we’re gonna end up seeing more and more of it as the anime industry continues to lose money to piracy

    1. in all fairness wasn’t this movie affected by the pandemic too, everywhere else deku’s va gives an incredible performance but sometimes outside factors get in the way

  4. To answer your Bakugo smell question, I believe Horakoshi said he smells sweet or like honey. I could be mixing this up with a different character for a different series though.

  5. Some of these comments are so cringe, they started reacting to this years ago and still every single episode there is someone crying over the Dubs VA. Just get over it, stop crying and deal with the fact that blind wave will always be reacting to anime in dub. You can write your long winded comments til your hearts content but it will not change a thing. Please get over it.