Naruto 100 Reaction

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    1. There is a certain level of disconnect when you are reading the emotion and hearing words you don’t understand. Dubs that match your language feel closer to you. So long as the quality isn’t literally doodoo, that will always be the case. That’s why dubs exist. Period. Because for a lot of people this feels better.

        1. Actually a lot of people are just lazy and don’t want to get out of their comfort zone to have a different experience with a different language and culture of their own. I who don’t have english nor japanese as a “matching language for me” can tell you that i prefer the subs more not only because of the voice acting but also because watching anything in it’s original form ( how it is supposed to be made and how it is supposed to sound) is 100% better than any other version. Having a preference is find but saying english dub is objectively better than subs is very wrong. It is like telling someone Scarface is a lot better in japanese dub than english pfft.

          1. There is nothing that makes dub inherently better in any language. It is a unique quirk of animation any voice actor can dub something just as good or even better no matter the language or country of origin. But only in animation live action is totally different for obvious reasons. Saying something is better in its original form 100% of the time is just bias there is nothing that makes it true.

          2. so your the kind of person who likes 1920s new york gangsters talking using colloquialisms unique to 1990s Tokyo?
            cause that has happen in an anime
            the English dub went out of its way to actually use 1920s slang that gangsters of the time would have actually used. just like they did in the novels it was based on.

    2. Lmao, you obviously didn’t watch naruto as a kid on toonami growing up in the 2000s. News flash, just like dragon ball z, most og naruto fans prefer the dub.
      Plus, squid games is their first sub reaction show. Don’t push it.

      1. No most OG fans wanted to get ahead, the dub didn’t release a week after the japenese tv release back then. That’s how most people started watching the sub. They saw the dub, went online saw how far behind it was and began torrenting the fan subs from Dattebayo (omg fansubs sucked but you had no choice). Thus by the time the never ending filler of naruto part 1 ended most people had gotten used to the subs and didn’t wanna go back and forth. This dub is fine though, people just get attached to their voices, there are legit bad dubs out there see the original One Piece 4kids dub for reference lol. But yea being an OG fan is the reason people watched subs, and they probably saw the fansubs which weren’t exactly perfect or even close but they still probably prefer them to official subs. It’s all nostalgia.

        1. Now this is facts lol… kept getting the same episodes on toonami so I graduated to subs on the internet. And when I caught up on subs I got into the manga. After all that never really went back to dubs. On point with One Piece too… they will never live down “Zolo” in my eyes…

    3. I’ve tried watching Naruto in Japanese and his voice is really annoying to me; more so than the English. Like in DBZ if I can’t get on board with the voice acting for the main character I’m not going to watch that version.

  1. Imagine the shock and sadness that they will have next when they realize that this episode is the last one they will be watching with the iconic “Fighting Dreamers!” OP!!!

    1. You clearly aren’t a regular watcher, if you were you’d see that Calvin sits back and jokes much of the time, but he will also swoop in with amazing insight, remember aspects long forgotten by the others, and offer a fresh perspective they don’t have. Nothing about his mannerisms or conversation speaks to any literal issues within his mind or body, the only thing he might have is a bit of social anxiety… and who the hell doesnt. Grow up and stop pushing antiquated and meaningless insults at cool people you just don’t get.