Naruto 101 Reaction

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        1. They didn’t watch half of the show and are b1tching and crying cus they reacted to one filler episode. Yep, best fans lol
          Next time think before tipying c;

          1. its 1 episode a week bud. Sorry that some people didn’t want to wait an entire week for pointless filler

      1. bro you kinda need to chill out lol. i’m not sure who hurt you but just cause people want different stuff doesn’t mean you need find every person who disagrees with and shit talk them.

      1. … og naruto fans would be A) Japanese and B) manga readers where this filler didn’t take place
        so your argument has no ground to stand on well done

      2. There is no way your not a little kid. No adult would post such a dumb comment. Has it ever occurred to you that filler episodes are not part of the manga? Meaning anything that isn’t canon is a pure cash grab and irrelevant. If you watch all the filler, ur a fan, if you don’t, ur still a fan. Some People like to watch what is SUPPOSE to be shown in Naruto, not fabricated bull that is only there for the purpose of bleeding the material dry.

  1. This episode shouldn’t be skipped. It’s a classic episode regardless if it’s filler or not. Just like “Goku’s Ordeal”, this episode should be considered canon. There’s a lot of reactors who react to this episode for good reason.

    1. I’m paying 15 dollars to get consistent canon reactions to my favorite series, not a 10 minute discussion about a filler that should’ve been watched weeks ago

      1. I’m happy my 15 bucks went to this reaction, so we cancel each other out. The audacity to complain about 1 episode after 100 weeks of Naruto, how entitled can you get ?

      2. JT, when you pay my monthly payment is the only time you will get a say in what I enjoy from their content here. Other than that… I don’t give a damn why you pay for anything. I pay to watch the crew react to Naruto; not your check list of episodes you like or what you consider filler.

        My feeling is most of the people (who never comment btw) will be glad they reacted to this episode. You’re a killer of Eric’s joy if disagree.

        1. Don’t care, I’m a paying customer and have a right to criticize the product. Watching this episode kills the pacing of the reaction, don’t believe me? I bet you there gonna be wondering why sasuke is angry next week, not realizing that sasuke wasn’t happy after his encounter with itachi but depressed

      3. No. You pay $15 to support their entire enterprise, including every single reaction to every single show that they do, for the benefit of seeing most of the reactions earlier than if you weren’t paying at all. You don’t get to dictate any specifics about what they react to.

      4. That’s your problem, they can drop the show if they want to all together because that’s what they said at the very beginning. You must be new and don’t seem to know how things work here.

  2. I think people just have nostalgia for this episode because this was so early on that people weren’t avoiding Naruto fillers like the plague yet. Although personally I don’t even think this is in the top 100 Naruto filler episodes.

    1. You are tripping, this has to be atleast the best filler, it’s packed with humor revolving around kakashi’s mask. You just have different taste, you probably only care about the action in this show ?

      1. I care about seeing characters other than Team 7 get characterization which is something literally every part 1 filler episode does besides 101. As far as comedy goes this doesn’t even come close to the Curry of Life arc.

  3. Why would they watch this episode now? It kills the pacing and it makes zero sense to include it. Sasuke goes from happy to furious from this episode to 107. It’s bad enough they upload 1 episode a week, but really? Waste it on a filler

    1. Damn g, stop moaning. They’ve probably already reacted to the movie as well which is next week. If you were in their discord, then you’d know that they were always going to react to this episode. No point in complain when it’s not gonna change anything lol. And they all enjoyed this episode as well.

    1. Yes…in fact, your patronage pays for every single reaction that goes up on here. So you don’t get to complain about one single episode of one single show just because you don’t like it.

  4. If they want to watch a filler episode release a damn Canon episode with it don’t have to double drop every week just on weeks when you discord people want them to react to pointless fillers

      1. Lol I enjoy a lot of things but this episode was just stupid….you know what I enjoy the story of naruto and this has nothing to do with the story

  5. And here I was hoping there’d be less toxicity towards BW compared to when others like the Normies watched this…i was so hopeful.

    For the people complaining about “why did they react to this now, it kills the pace!” It’s episode 101…aired after 100 and before 102, it’s right where it belongs.

    If you’re this salty about them watching this, I hope you drop off and disappear so everyone else can continue having fun and enjoying the crew reacting to a great series that’s near and dear to many of us. Go watch “canon-only” Naruto on your own and take your raincloud of a personality with you.

    1. Hey buddy there’s a whole filler arc after this episode to make up for the fact that sasuke was supposed to be angry after seeing itachi. If they go from 101 to 107 it kills the pacing because sasuke goes from happy go lucky and goofy to depressed in 1 episode. Stop D riding BW, paying customers have the right to criticize

  6. This is honestly a filler I’m glad you guys reacted to, it’s comedic af and it let’s the viewer be aware that Kakashi’s real face is a long running mystery gag.