Naruto 108 Reaction

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      1. When did they say this? I see people comment that all the time, but never heard them say that. Also even if they did by the time they finish Naurto I think will change their minds.

      1. It’s strange, i agree. I’m not saying they HAVE to watch Shippuden, they can do what they want, but it really reads like they started Naruto not realising Shippuden was the continuation of it (they probably thought it was a spin off or something, or didn’t even know it existed) and only partway through they realised “oh shit, Shippuden is part of it” so now they can’t make any guarantees that they’re gonna actually watch it lol.

        1. They’ve known shippuden was the 2nd part of naruto since the beginning lol.. they just don’t want to react to a 500 episode anime consistently. That’s why whenever they bring up talks about shippuden they do like nervous laughter and jokes because they already know how people are gonna feel once they announce they won’t continue into shippuden and just finish part 1 of naruto.

    1. All I’ve heard is they’ll take a break. Nothing about them not watching it. A break would make sense but I do hope they watch Shippuden because for me it’s where the Naruto story really begins, has the better pacing, and the overall story is way better. However, who knows what the crew will do after the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. This was the arc that convinced me to start watching Shippuden.

  1. They already said themselves that they won’t react to shippuden I can’t tell u the vid they said it in but I do remember then mentioning it multiple times

      1. Its funny that you think them getting shit for something matters to them at all. They don’t suck up to the annoying narutards all the time and deal with their BS like the normies do.

          1. nah not really they just do what they want unlike the normies is what he was saying but if you feel otherwise all power to you lol

  2. For some reason I can’t get access to watch, everytime I click “unlock with patreon” and allow access it comes back to their website but still locked 🙁 (Yes I am a four sight rider)

  3. You gave 3x as much time for the opening reaction here compared to the new opening for rezero. -_- Somehow you could only give rezero opening 2 seconds but you give the naruto opening like 40 seconds.

  4. Sakura being annoying and useless and putting herself in the way of everything like a dead fish still trying to move on land. Just like I remember her.

  5. One thing I feel needs to be taken into account is that Rasengan and Chidori are similar yet very different techniques. Chidori is more of a piercing technique and Rasengan has more explosive power. But of course a young distraught Sasuke wouldn’t take that into account and just focus on the hole

  6. Oh and here i am thinking that they will react to shippuden to since that is basically naruto 🙁 it’s the reason why I subscribe to this tier ? i hope it’s not true and i hope they will continue to shippuden ??

  7. Shippuden is part 2. If they get to the end of this and decide they DON’T want to watch Shippuden, they didn’t really like the show to begin with. That’s something they’ll only know as the credits roll on the last episode.

    1. I mean it’s also another 390 episodes. That’s not something to put onto the channel. Naruto being 135 episodes was doable because they also had HunterXHunter around that number as well. They can watch shippuden on their own time if they choose too.

  8. I feel like with Shippuden and this being Blind Wave, they are waiting till they get to the end of Naruto and see how they feel about where the show is going and how they have been enjoying it. Then from that deciding whether or not they are going to do Shippuden

  9. never really thought about it really, but it makes actual sense why narutos hit spot was just pissing water, and sauskes was gushing…if narutos hit was weaker the water pressure would have been a lot stronger

  10. I feel like you guys with most shows like the show but dont like some parts, but with this one you dont like the show but like some parts so I wouldn’t expect you to do Shippuden if that’s where you are with this show.