Naruto 110 Reaction

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    1. I mean I’m pretty sure the main reason they had never watched naruto before was because of how long it would take to get through it. So I would assume they are gonna do the whole story

    2. I’m only repeating what I’ve seen other people post on earlier episodes. They said that Blindwave has said in podcasts that they have no plans to do Shippuden at this time.

  1. I’m finally convinced they will eventually do Shippuden because Rick and Eric first played around with “time skip” and then Aaron can’t help acting like a Dad hiding the Christmas presents say “there’s no time for time skips” SEVERAL times. I’m relieved and look forward to many hyped reactions.

  2. Put some respect on my boy Shikamaru’s name!! He is by far my favorite character and I can’t wait for them to see him shine in this arc, especially after dissing him do much earlier.