Naruto 111 Reaction

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  1. Just getting this out here early. I’m not asking for 2 a week, but when it originally aired there would be bonus episodes when big fights were happening. So once every 2-3 months we would get 2 or even 3 episodes on a Saturday night. I am asking for this just for 132, 133, 134. This batch is a masterpiece that deserves this special one time thing. Everyone, including the blind wave crew, would enjoy this experience.

  2. Always want Aaron to say 50% less in reactions. He kept talking over everything. That stuff and the weird bullying comments in every reaction he’s never outgrown since HS are why I’m canceling the subscription after this amazing Naruto arc. I can tolerate putting up with that stuff he does for free

    1. You do know that there are other reactions and content on their website/patreon… right? I mean, sure, you might not enjoy their reactions due to Aaron which I totally understand, but have you bothered to check out the rest of their content (Like dexter, better call saul, cowboy beebop live action, re:zero, arcane etc). Surely you weren’t just paying just to see 1 specific show 4 weeks ahead + full episode + maybe using patreon rewards (like voting on shows)?

      Nothing wrong with it if you are, just personally would find it a bit weird. So if you haven’t, before you cancel, maybe check out some of their other content before going

      1. Take off your superman cape. Defending them in replies to so many comments is just corny. Yes, I do know and have watched an extensive amount of their library. THeir ATLAB reactions and Clone Wars and Seasons of Doctor Who are really special and awesome. And every one of those shows and reactions had the same problem of including talkative, bullying pretty closed-minded guys like Shane and Aaron. Would cringe and power through because of great reaction and discussion from the others. Was happy when shane left and now just hit my limit on paying for these early releases and also hearing Aaron. I’m good.

    1. If you are seeing this video, then either you or someone close to you is obviously paying for this. If not, then the website mods need to check ur account to make sure ur not doing anything illegal like accessing paid content without paying.

      And if ur here randomly just to comment on the website, without paying and without watching the video, then wtf is ur life? Bragging about not paying for something, on a site where you only comment, just to comment that ur not watching the content or paying for the site…

  3. But yeah Aaron is always like that, they are the talkative duo with Calvin
    Éric tries to do both, like talking a bit and paying attention and Rick always pays attention

  4. Aron is predicting way too much and all of those things are true!!! he even matched up the fight between Neji n Spider dude!!! flying Sasuke n Drubken fist!!!!!