Naruto 118 Reaction

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    1. hate to be that guy but this isnt a market substitute, if you wanna watch naruto then watch it. the entire point of watching this is for their stupid jokes and opinons lol

    2. @Michael you said “cant have a comment section without a shitty comment huh” and you make yourself shitty comment ? when there will be no stupid jokes in every reaction of Naruto there will be no more shitty comments

  1. Don’t waste your time. They clearly enjoy nothing happening some episodes so that isn’t changing. They wanna spend reactions saying stupid jokes it’s up to them.

  2. yeah so fuck off people they react to Naruto i react to their reaction why i should like they jokes every episode yeah Naruto is mediocre show but i love that anime, and i love in general BW reactions thats why i hate when they making those stupid jokes especially when it is rare for them to do so stupid jokes so again FUCK OFF … thankfully i am to lazy to troll every Naruto comment section …

    1. mate.. obviously you don’t have to like all of BW’s sense of humor and nobody is forcing you to do that. let BW be happy saying their stupid jokes and you shouldn’t have to so hurt by their harmless, stupid jokes. you already know you’re not going to like all of BW’s sense of humor, why waste your time being so angry about it? are you really trying to force the blind wave crew to follow your own standards of what’s funny