Naruto 119 Reaction

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      1. So you are going to complain like a spoiled child “till they stop milking this show” which will be never. So lets see how many canon episodes they have remaining if they choose to do Shippuden. If my math is right that’s 444 more canon episodes. At 52 weeks in a year you are going to be complaining for 8 and a half years. I’d recommend getting friends or a hobby because that’s a lot of your time wasted.

        1. If they did two a week it would only take four years. if they want people to complain less they could shorten the time it’ll take to watch by doing two a week.

        2. I love how you wrote a fucking novel in response to one sentence. You’re mad that he’s complaining but you’re literally complaining about his complaining. Maybe you should get friends or a hobby because you’re complaining way more than he is.