Naruto 120 Reaction

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  1. I’m just being realistic. It’s gonna take them 8 years to get done with just shippuden. That’s so much time wasted that could be cut in half easily by doing just 2 a week. It’s not like they’re gonna run out of shows to watch. And how long are they planning on doing Blind Wave anyway? At that point some of them would be over 40. I don’t know how busy they all are but that shouldn’t be too much to ask. It’s a 20 minute episode. Followed by a roughly 10 to 20 minute conversation. I swear YouTube is the best job in the world. In no other occupation would you be given so much leniency. To the point where some of your customers are literally begging you not to do more “work”. If you could even call it work. I know they get burned out sometimes but they watch tv, play games, and open gifts for a living. I’m not saying they have zero struggles but honestly they have it easy. It’d be insulting to other occupations to say they don’t have it easy. Also to all the people that get salty when someone asks for 2 week, do you have to? It’s not like we’re demanding that they do more it’s just our suggestion. I can’t speak for everyone but most people I see asking for 2 a week aren’t spamming or being toxic. They’re just asking.

    1. That’s not how time works. Them doing 2 a week doesn’t cut down on the amount of time they spend reacting to Naruto it just means they have to spend more time watching Naruto in per sitting.

    2. the realistic reason the Blindwave fanboys won’t tell you: it’s to get the most out of Patreon. When they do more episodes in a month they’ll end up with less months of content, meaning all fans of HxH/Naruto/Any random show cancel their Patreon subscription. Thats also why they react to a lot of shows. More shows means a bigger pool of fanboys that want early access.

      They got a big chunk of dedicated Blindwave fans. You always see the regular faces on Discord or the people that send them stuff to Mail Bag are often those types of people that ”hang around them” and are overly dedicated. Next to that chunk they still need a ”mainstream” flow of subscribers because subs for shorter shows will cancel their Patreon sub sooner. Thats why they react to a lot of shows and stretch them out as long as possible. Naruto is the best example of this. They saw what Naruto reactions did to The Normies’ views and Patreon, they see how popular it is with the traffic on their Naruto Discord, so they went with it without it even being on a poll. They made room for it because it’s lucrative. This is the obvious thing to do from a business point of view. They of course don’t market it like that.

      When you could see how much money creators on Patreon made Blindwave was already around 42k a month. It must be more now by adding long running shows with dedicated fanbases like Naruto. I love Blind Wave btw no hate, just the truth.

  2. I’m not gonna lie, I love reading the salt in these Naruto reactions lmao. It’s very funny to me. I’ve been excited about these episodes the Sound 4 are so cool.

  3. I hope they see all the people complaining and just decide to do Shippuden. I’m pretty sure they even said they didn’t have any plans to do Shippuden right after Naruto anyways. The Normies do 2 a week and their fans still aren’t happy with that. They are complaining for 3-4 episode a week. So even if Blind Wave did 2 a week the complainers would still complain.

  4. It doesn’t matter to me how long it takes to get through Shippuden, just wish and hope you guys do react to it you’ve come this far why not go further it is too good to not finish the whole story and I know you guys would love it.