Naruto 123 Reaction

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  1. Oh shit it has just now dawned on me that we’re close to the end of Naruto crazy. I wonder if they’ll react to shippuden because while I think the OG and shippuden are of equal quality the HIGHS of shippuden is far higher than OG Naruto.

  2. i said this in a previous episode, and i shall say it again, if you guys are planning on watching Shippuden (which if you decide not to you shall be branded enemies of the fanbase) you have GOT to, absolutely GOT TO, do at least one episode per week, perhaps even two, if you all plan to finish it before you and the rest of us die of old age.

  3. I’d never done the math before, so I just now realized that all 500 episodes of shippuden would take over nine years to watch. Even so, there can’t be more than 100 or 150 filler episodes right? That’s almost seven years of Naruto, which… yay for seven years of content?

    1. If their doing shippuden I refuse to believe their going to stick with the whole episode per week thing, not for a show with well over 300 canon episodes.