Naruto 125 Reaction

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  1. I don’t know about all of you but I’m really loving how Calvin keeps guessing that the next episode is not going to be a fight it’s just going to be a flashback of everything that happened the previous episode, and he keeps getting it wrong but still continues to say it with such vigor

    1. Haha YES! Every time he starts liking the show, the pacing ruins it for him, and I completely get it. I think the ones that enjoys the show would love two a week, but the ones that knows retaining the Naruto fanbase as long as possible are willing to stretch it out.

  2. seriously how did they get the idea that gaara no longer has the demon inside him. he got beaten by naruto and they left thats it. nothing indicated that its no longer inside him. naruto just woke him up so the shikaku was no longer in control and went back asleep inside gaara

  3. I can’t tell if it’s just a joke they keep making or if they really think Kiba’s dad is a dog: he’s not. The dog that is always with his mom is just her ninja dog, like how Akamaru is to Kiba. That’s the whole thing with his clan that you’ve been seeing, they each have a ninja dog that they fight with.

  4. lets not kid ourselves, kankoro was clearly the least needed in the respective fights. temari came in and one shot temari IN HER FULL POWER without even trying, kankoro had to fight severely weakened duo. kiba could have even killed them in the first place if he hadnt missed