Naruto 126 Reaction

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  1. Man Aaron is playing the contrary hard here. Pokémon using the same attack 20 times is totally plausible, but using your range attack 3 times here by Gaara means he should get a new move. He made a sand tsunami man, bulbasaur wishes he had a move that good, and if he did Aaron would spam it nonstop

  2. he was locked up because as explained in the zabuza arc the mist village blamed war on people with bloodlines traits and his own clan came to free him. that’s why hakus father tried to kill him when he found out about his wifes bloodline trait.

  3. U can understand why you guys are a little anoyed with aaron. But he is always like this. I kind of wish eric and rick would watch just the 2 of them. Honestly calvin is the negatice nancy when it comes to naruto. He has no trust with the show. But i understand naruto can be super slow. Especially when watching one episode per week. Well at least we maybe get 5 eppisodes at once when they get to shippuuden. Because it is a new show.

    1. yea I find Aaron kind of annoying sometimes, Calvin is chill I’m neutral when to comes to him, Eric enjoys literally anything and overly emotional making him a good reactor, and Rick is just cool as hell to me