Naruto 131 Reaction

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  1. I’m more so worried about what direction you guys are gonna take AFTER the fight is over…cuz if you plan on reacting to Shippuden, not really a need to watch the rest of Naruto after this arc

      1. idk tho, cuz like i had the mindset when i started shippudden that i wasnt gonna skip fillers, i wanted the entire story, but when fillers got bad, i indeed skipped, but i do believe theres some episodes out there that would indeed count technically as “fillers” and yet might have some decent character build for some of the people or more context that would be somewhat nice to know so, choosing which to skip can get kinda hard. That also doesnt mean there arent any that are obviously filler, some i watched 30 secs of and realized my mistake XD

  2. After naruto ends. It’s just the beginning of this journey. If you guys continue to the time skip. That is when Naruto means something to me.

    1. FOR REAL THO, when i started the first episode of shippudden, once the new, first Naruto Shippudden intro came on, (i seldom watch Naruto outros/intros completely ever) i watched that and it just gave me this feeling of like, being proud, seeing how our characters have grown in the timeskip and realizing this is just the beginning of a whole new chapter and there is going to be so much to learn, kinda giving off this “HEY WE’RE BACK, AND WE’RE READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD” and everytime i listen to that it “takes me back” XD

  3. Alright I stopped watching a few weeks ago so I could stock up some episodes. 131 all the way to the arc between Naruto and Shippuden, it’s gonna be a good night.