Naruto 133 Reaction

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  1. Been eagerly awaiting the day where you finally get to see where the big investment in stylized animation went, especially given how much you appreciate the nuances of the fights. An absolute joy to rewatch and see your reactions to!

  2. Aaron buddy cmon now, having your whole clan and everyone you loved get killed, getting traumatized and forced to relive it multiple times is not the same as one of your friends leaving you of their free will, its not even the same league, also Sasukes brother killed his best friend to get stronger and everyone he ever loved and is now stronger than Orochimaru, so ofc Sasuke would want to do the same to get that power cuz it worked for him.

  3. This was awesome I’ve been waiting for years! 🙂
    Also i hope you guys skip the fillers so we can go straight to Shippuden since the fillers are not canon and that would add a year or two to your Naruto reactions.

    As a loyal Blind wave Patreon supporter.. Please skip the fillers and go to Shippuden!!

    1. They’ve already said many times that they’re skipping all filler and they have so far, except for highly requested episodes. Also, for their final episode, the editor’s going to mash in some additional content such as when Sakura asks to be trained by Tsunade, which for some reason happens during a filler episode.

  4. My reasoning why the two kept hoping on logs was probably there attempts to conserve as much chakra as possible since waterwalking is constantly consuming so when they use the logs its them saving it for when its needed even if its not much.

  5. Man this was peak Shonen back in the day. Across the old Shonen Big 3 imo. Lots of ups and downs in Naruto but this was unforgettable. The animation, the emotional investment, and even just the time investment paid off spectacularly.

    I got so hyped watching the 131 reaction that I went straight to patreon just to see this. It did not disappoint.

  6. Ah the good old ninetails cloak. I remember those days. I made so many Ninetailed cloak and Naruto vs Sasuke Animated Music Videos back in 2001-2003 that my friends started to hate both that fight and the ninetails cloak. lmfao I loved using it in Uzumaki Chronicles 2 way back on the PS2 too, this reaction episode was especially nostalgic for me. I envy Blind Wave as Naruto virgins. I wish I could be hypnotized to forget everything about the anime to re-experience the Naruto world from scratch.

  7. Legend says this one episode is where the entire rest of the animation budget went that they didn’t spend on the Orochimaru vs Sarutobi tug-of-war.