Naruto 32 Reaction

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  1. Something that is never actually discussed in the show, but is actually pretty important, is that Sakura isn’t from a ninja family. Almost all the other kids in their class are from a ninja clan, and were trained pretty much since birth to be ninja, but Sakura’s parents are civilians. You guys seem to be under the impression that everyone living in the village is a ninja, but that’s not the case. She actually probably doesn’t have as much training as the other genin. And there’s also the fact that she’s being compared to Naruto and Sasuke, who have very unique circumstances that pushed them to get stronger that is normal for their age. The mission to the Land of Waves with Zabuza was the first time Sakura was ever in a real fight. I don’t think Rock Lee is from a ninja family either, but he is also kind of odd and unusually hard-working, and is one year ahead of their class.