Naruto 45 Reaction

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    1. Agreed! Hopefully they will see who she is as they go through . . . But man, I get so annoyed when they compare her to Sakura, she’s wayyy better in the original series than Sakura ever was

  1. I do understand Eric’s criticism of Hinata. I like the character, but for people who don’t like her they say the same things Eric does about her or feel she can be overrated by the fandom. Having said that I think Eric might like Hinata a bit better when he sees the next two episodes like he did Sakura.

  2. Eric, i’m glad you like Sakura. But, it’s better if you don’t compare her to other female. I don’t care when anyone said Sakura is bitch just because she sometimes treats Naruto bad.

    Look at her! She and Lee are the one who cheers up Naruto OUT LOUD while everyone are silent!

    Also she WORRIED when Naruto’s hand poisened (eps before Zabuza arc) and when Tenth Question episode.

    Don’t forget she teached Naruto how to controlling chakra.


  3. Also, Calvin is watching a show made for teenagers and irritated that they are doing fart jokes. At least the other three have are just enjoying the show for what it is and aren’t being a sour puss lol Thankfully their reactions were great.