Naruto 49 Reaction

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    1. Had the same problem at first. Go to any content not requiring Four-sight Rider tier and unlock it with your patreon there, that’s what worked for me.

  1. I already knew this was going to happen with the episodes of this fight but I’m so happy to see upwards to 20 minutes of discussion. A lot to talk to about.

    1. I mean, two gates versus Gaara’s defence (which withstood 5 gates) as well as the fact shukaku would step in if Gaara was truly bloodlusted and he would at least be able to survive two gates long enough for Lee to go down due to fatigue. Lee had to go five gates and hit Gaara with everything to stand a chance

  2. Episodes like this is why multiple episodes a week in one reaction should happen we’ve all seen naruto we know what happens we want to see u guys see it grouping episodes that go together is a must