Naruto 53 Reaction

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  1. Love your reactions to Naruto. Please, don’t get frustrated with it, you will come around and fall in love with Jiraya and Naruto.
    For me, the final part of chunin exam is were the show starts to get really good

    1. I’d imagine this is a hard episode to swallow for lots of people, especially older adults with kids or people with younger families. The pedophelia jokes peaked a little too high. If you’ve already invested this much time into watching naruto, then this episode wouldn’t stop a lot of people from watching on.

  2. It’s hard to say this without giving minor spoilers so delete if needed but Jiraiya was like Naruto when he was younger so he knows how to push Naruto’s buttons. I think Jiraiya’s actions were just to mess with him and see what sort of student he has. He tones the pervy stuff way down after this episode.

  3. Dont worry guys, the whole pedophelia goes away. He stays pervy but in a more palatable way. Im not sure why the author did that in those introductory chapters for jiraiya. You guys will end up loving him!