Naruto 53 Reaction

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  1. Love your reactions to Naruto. Please, don’t get frustrated with it, you will come around and fall in love with Jiraya and Naruto.
    For me, the final part of chunin exam is were the show starts to get really good

    1. I’d imagine this is a hard episode to swallow for lots of people, especially older adults with kids or people with younger families. The pedophelia jokes peaked a little too high. If you’ve already invested this much time into watching naruto, then this episode wouldn’t stop a lot of people from watching on.

    2. I mean the other fights are phenomenal but idk the Rock Lee and Garaa fight is still one of the best they will see. Im just hoping that they stick with it and eventually double up on some episodes that they need to. though with the rock lee fight that doesnt seem like it goin to be the case. I can dream though. I dont need it but i want it hahah. Im just really excited for the Shikamaru Fight. with the way they watch and like tactical genius level fights that will be a favorite character of theirs for sure

  2. It’s hard to say this without giving minor spoilers so delete if needed but Jiraiya was like Naruto when he was younger so he knows how to push Naruto’s buttons. I think Jiraiya’s actions were just to mess with him and see what sort of student he has. He tones the pervy stuff way down after this episode.

    1. Minus the Pervy nature, Jiraiya was always pervy. But i think that he has experience in other more important aspects that fall in the spoiler realm so we cant talk about that.

  3. Dont worry guys, the whole pedophelia goes away. He stays pervy but in a more palatable way. Im not sure why the author did that in those introductory chapters for jiraiya. You guys will end up loving him!

    1. Most of the pedophilic dialogue was only in the English version. The Japanese didn’t have as much. The English version made him more extreme.

  4. A lot of Naruto characters are like this. Where they are first introduced they have extreme personalities and as the show starts to have them on more regularly they begin to fall into a more solidified way of how they act.

  5. Ahhhhhh i need more than this. I need the Chunin Exams to continue but im really looking forward to the summoning training. but once the Exams continue im going to have to start the top teir perks again. so many good fights. Shikamarus fight is always a favorite of mine

  6. When I first got a job as a teacher in Japan, I was warned kids might try to stick their fingers up my but when my back was turned. It’s called kancho and its just a thing kids do in Japan, I guess it isn’t as weird there. It’s never happened to me, I take care not to turn my back to the kids