Naruto 56 Reaction

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  1. What a great discussion!! Make an $80 tier just for more Naruto reaction access (like an additional 6 episodes) I know this is silly to request but folks would pay for exclusive naruto tier reactions of a larger package.

  2. sarutobi (the current hokage) is the third hokage. he retired and flash (the blonde dude who looks like naruto) became the fourth. when flash died sarutobi became the hokage again

  3. Leave it to the BlindWave crew to have the most insightful discussions during the slower episodes that actually drop A LOT of information most other reactors miss. I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming climax to this arc as well as the next one. Eric is going to lose his shit.

  4. The sannin are all leaf ninja. The name sannin is more of a title than a rank, and only the three sannin can hold the rank/title sannin. The rank/title was created and given specifically for them. Like the other ninja villages don’t have sannin only the leaf. Also, since Orochimaru is one of the three legendary sannin, it means he was also a leaf ninja, which means since he is no longer one, he defected from the leaf. Think of the ninja villages as a military base. You cant just up and leave and stop being a ninja from the leaf, it would be like a sodier defecting from their military post. Also small hint, if yall pay close attention to the opening you can actually see all three sannin as children. Also, the fourth hokage did summon toads… and Jiraya is the toad sage…

  5. Are they ever going to learn that Hokage ONLY applies to the Village hidden in the Leafs, which is the only Hidden Village in the Land of Fire (I don’t don’t think any Nation has more than one Village in it). When ever the show says Hokage they are talking about this village. The other great villages have other Kages, the Village Hidden in the Sand has already been mentioned to have a Kazekage, and three other Great Villages (Mist, Stone, and Cloud) have there own Kages (Mizukage, Tsuchikage, and Raikage), Lesser villages don’t have Kage but have Village Leaders that are functionally the same but WAY less powerful.

    And None of this is spoilers because the show all ready mentioned, when team 7 are heading to the land of waves Kakashi tells the genin all this.

    1. I get what you are saying, but at this point in the show, I’m fairly sure that basically every other fan did the same thing. No-one at this time bothered to remember the names of the kages of other lands, they just would say “the hokage of the mist” so people know what they mean. It’s easy to criticize later on once u learn to say all the kage names casually, but since you only need the kage names in shippuden (late shippuden at that), I’m fine with them ignoring what all the kage names are and just calling them “hokage of the [blank] “

  6. Aaron: “I just get confused sometimes about how new or old the technology is in some series”

    HAHAH well prepared to be confused throughout the wntiretyyyy of the series cause all kinds of technology just kinda pops up and then disappears all the time in naruto lmao