Naruto 58 Reaction

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    1. more like confusion lol where is the logic in “gaara is a murdered therefore he has NO control vs naruto who isnt a murder, that means he’s in complete control of his power. he can so beat gaara”………………WHAT?! have we been watching the same show? a one time fluke of summing boss toad means he can be GAARA????????????????!!!!!!

  1. gaara: has complete access to the sand demon’s power
    naruto: just barely learned to tap into the SMALLEST amount of fox demon spirit energy
    eric: naruto has MORE control cause he’s not killing people
    me: le sigh

  2. I know the pacing can be slow and the editing is weird at times but I’m glad they’re still going along with the series! I love Gaara’s lines in this episode about family ties and the only ties with family he has are the ones around their necks? Hopefully they get out of this series what they’re wanting!

  3. arron stop immitating the newbies in ur reactions. no one needs a joke every scene and talking and deliberating during scenes that explain exactly what ur asking or explaining. its becoming more apparent in anime reactions. watch react then deliberate joke and ask after in ur discussions

  4. Wait they aren’t skipping the next episode? Awwww man its only filler, I should be watching the start of final round next week….ughhhh thats unfortunate ?

  5. Cmon, I can understand Eric logic. I mean, its like Eric thinks that demons inside Gaara is controlling his emotions. Like its making him unstable. We also know that fox demon is more in charge of Naruto, when he looses himself to anger. Si its not sofar fetched.
    But I can also see that this is not the case. Because as it was explained it this episode, that Gaara’s unstable emotions come partially from his cildhood, loneliness and and bad jutsu that was casted on him. But also he looses himself in the demon inside of him when he is filled with “bad” emotions. Similar to Naruto. Just Naruto was “saved” by others.