Naruto 60 Reaction

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      1. There are way more episodes of something like Shippuden. They would have to do 3 or 4 episodes per sitting to get through it. Especially if they stick to how infrequent Naruto uploads already are.

      2. I imagine after Naruto they will most likely want to take a break, but I would expect it depends on what is out during the time and scheduling…. Judging by how many episodes they have left (cannon and mixed cannon) they should be done with this part by November 23rd, depending on what comes out by then or around/after they may stick Shippuden on the backburner…. But if this COVID lark is still going on then it may just serve as a good filler whilst everything gets a delayed release.

  1. “You can watch more episodes on Patreon” NO I CAN’T I still have to wait every week once I’m all caught up !
    So same as Youtube, can I pay 100$ dollars for even more episodes ?

  2. yes Arron is right. the palm strike attacks inside the body to do damage but he needs to specifically target chakra nodes and poke them like acupuncture to shut them off

    1. If they were doing the fillers yeah, it’d take nearly 14 years but they’re not. They’ll be done with the original series in a little under a year and a half from now. It’s a little harder to calculate how long Shippuden will take since skipping filler is a little more complicated in that series but it should take about 5 and a half years to finish.

  3. They have done long shows before so if they did Shippuden after Naruto it wouldn’t bother me yet I feel like they would have to do more than one episode before we all die from age. Thank god they aren’t doing One Piece lol

  4. As i always said Neji was right. Naruto succeed because he was the chosen one. Just look at Rock Lee and how he disappeared in the second half of Shippuden.