Naruto 61 Reaction

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  1. I loved seeing your reaction/comments to the Hyuga family lore. Remember also, though, that at this point, Hinata’s basically been disowned. We got a little flashback during her own fight with Neji, when her father handed her over to Kurenai to train. Her younger sister Hanabi is considered the true heir now.

  2. if u want a special eye u gotta steal the eye. and stealing powers well thats pretty much the sharingans thing thats why its special. to steal abilities otherwise probably requires some form of science and dna or the eye

    1. well, that is information they are not supposed to know yet, it a spoiler. If they knew they could already expect and solve some of the mysteries at this point. Like the reason certain person has certain power.

  3. I’d say there are 3 types of techniques in naruto.

    There are the general ones everyone can learn: clones, substitution, medical ninjutsu, and certain elemental attacks.

    There are clan guarded secret techniques that the clans have, but these techniques can be stolen and learned: Shadow Possession (Shikamaru), Mind transfer (Ino), expansion jutsu (Choji)

    Then there are Kekki Genkai, blood line traits that only someone within the clan can naturally produce the technique: Crystal Ice Mirrors (Haku), Sharingan (Sasuke), or the Byakugan (Neji/Hinata)

  4. Neji isn’t so much rebelling against his clan. He is more accepted that no matter what he does or how hard he trains that he will always be destined to be side branch who has to serve the main branch. That is why Neji believes everyone’s place is determined when they are born. He thinks since Hinata has been a mediocre ninja since she was young that she will always be one. He believes the same thing about Lee and Naruto too. From Neji’s point of view no amount of hard work can change are person’s status.

  5. Really enjoyed the commentary on the Hyuga clan’s main/branch family system. I still haven’t completely figured it out myself. ?
    Gotta love Neji!

  6. I was stuck on the final boss of sekiro, and I finally beat it to the tune of You say run, Naruto’s theme, then the beginning of Ichigo’s theme from Bleach lol