Naruto 62 Reaction

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  1. You guys said the shadow clone technique is forbidden but I think it’s the Multi-Shadow clone technique that is forbidden. Also Forbidden means something different in this show, like It’s extremely risky so they don’t teach it because of the risks ( The risk is normally death, but it can be forbidden for other reasons.) maybe it just means forbidden to teach…but Guy taught Lee the eight gates, and didn’t seem to get in trouble for it. So maybe forbidden technique just sounds cool.

    1. The Multi Shadow Clone wasn’t a Forbidden Jutsu. A Forbidden Jutsu usually applies to a Jutsu that has some kind of risk.

      The Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu was just one the Villages personal technices that was on that scroll that had many of the Leaf Jutsu including some forbidden ones.

      Also the Anime has a bad habit of referring to Normal Cloning Jutsu as the Shadow Clone Jutsu. They tell you the difference between the 2 in the retrieving the Bells from Kakashi episodes. Normal Clones are essential illusions, they have no physical weight to them. The Shadow Clones are solid and can fight.

      Like for instance in this very episode at the end. Naruto says he failed they Shadow Clone Jutsu every year. But that’s not true. He failed the Normal Clone Jutsu every year. The Shadow Clone is a much more advanced Jutsu. I believe it’s a A ranked Jutsu?

      1. I’m pretty sure the “Multi” Shadow Clone Jutsu is also technically the same as the Shadow Clone Jutsu, not actually a different technique at all. We got that impression as kids because they kept saying the other students were using shadow clones when they were just doing images with the Clone Jutsu. Kakashi was surprised when Naruto pulled it out because people don’t normally learn that technique until they’re Jonin because they wouldn’t have enough chakra to split it between physical copies of themselves safely.

    2. The shadow clone jutsu is a forbidden due to it splitting chakra evenly between each clone, any jutsu in the Naruto universe that causes some high risk, Naruto only is able to make so many due to the nine tails inside him.

  2. Yeah lets change destiny and prove that your birth does not write your destiny. Such an interesting plotline. So good. So important to naruto that your birth doesnt matter and doesnt set your destiny. Fuck

      1. Not going to happen because they’re a continuing series. It’s like telling the viewers than everything in the original Naruto was pointless. It’s a complete tonal shift and that’s why it confuses many fans. They have a good reason for criticizing it.

        1. Your point makes no sense. Just because its a continued series, doesn’t mean that the tones, pacing, plot etc can’t change. Lets look at Dragon Ball. Original Dragon Ball was mostly humour and gag style with fighting and mostly story. Dragon Ball Z continues from the original, yet makes goku an alien, makes the fights mostly serious and dramatic and goes through a major tone shift. Plus, the best part is, its only separate in the anime. The manga has Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z as just 1 manga, meaning that its basically the same as naruto, but more extreme. Yet most Dragon Ball fans haven’t seen the original, and if they have, they usually accept the fact that the show has taken a different direction and that the original series is important to flesh out the characters and introduce the world, the issues, what the characters have gone through etc. Tonal shift between different parts of shows =/= criticism worthy

  3. Most people agree that Naruto vs Neiji is the worst fight in the series. Naruto’s philosophy sucks here, having no good answer to Neiji (something a later fight does much better) and just brute forces him. He beats Neiji in one hit, which is very unsatisfying and just confusing. He uses the power that he didn’t earn, completely contradicting himself. And for the anime, certain shots were copied from a cowboy bebop fight, making this fight the collectively most insulting fight in the series.

    But good news is it’s all uphill from here. Next fight is one of the best of the original series and we still have the arc’s end with all of it’s good moments. I can’t for the retrieval arc for the spectacular fights

    1. Nah people hate how the philosophy is contradicted later on but I’ve never seen anybody consider it one of the “worst fights in the series.” Especially when Sakura vs Ino and Naruto vs Kiba are right there. If anything most people consider it to be one of the top 5 fights in part 1(although it’s not in mine).

      1. The philosophy isn’t contradicted later thought, people just don’t pay close enough attention to what’s actually being said. Instead they hyper focus on one aspect and ignore the actual context, details, and neuance of what’s actually happening and being said

        1. However, the things Naruto said in this fight are contradictory in nature. He didn’t earn the power he obtained through the ninetails. He is simply borrowing another’s power. By all rights, Naruto should not have won this fight. He was outmatched, outwitted, and outskilled the entire time. True Naruto can make multi shadow clones, but they’re useless when all they can do is just throw punches without any real combat skill or tactic. Neji can easily defeat them because he has far better training and discipline than Naruto has. It’s easily my least favorite fight in this arc because Naruto clocks Neji once and wins. Neji should have realistically won when he blocked all of Naruto’s chakra points.

          1. Here’s the thing though, you can say that neji was supposed to win just because he outclassed naruto. However, that is exactly why Neji lost to Naruto, because he outclassed Naruto in every category. This gave Neji an overconfident look on the match, he didn’t think of Naruto as a threat so he didn’t take most of the fight serious. He also did the things he did to everyone of his opponents, which was to psychological downplay their mindset, he did this to Lee, to Hinata, and to Naruto, and with all of that Lee nor Hinata weren’t able to back up their claim to him. So Neji thought he had the fight in the bag. This is why i enjoyed this fight. Overconfidence can take away what makes people strong and create weak spots for someone who would normally not have any weak spots.

    2. The thing is the Palm Rotation uses a lot of chakra and stamina, so naruto amplified by Nine Tails chakra would obviously out that him. And so the final punch was basically the knockout blow cause neji could barely stand, it was made obvious when you remember the training with tenten. The palm rotation is the ultimate defense but at the risk of a huge stamina drain

  4. Why do they keep thinking Kabuto is doing something bad to Hinata, he’s using medical ninjutsu to heal Hinata every medical ninja can perform that.

    1. We’ve also seen Naruto use enormous strength before. Remember he stopped the giant snake that Orochimaru was using in the Forest of Death with his strength. I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility he could knock someone out with one punch especially someone who hasn’t faced much of a challenge and might have a glass jaw.

      1. Yea, naruto did stop the snake before, but that was with 9 tails amp. Plus, in this show, naruto is constantly shown to get stronger whenever he is protecting something/someone else, which is brought up by haku in the first arc when haku says “when you are fighting for someone else is when you are truly strong”. So naruto going to protect sasuke would have amped up naruto even if he didn’t get 9 tails chakra, whereas vs neji, the entire fight is based on nature vs nurture and is a philosophical battle about destiny, but naruto (who is meant to embody nurture and the fact that you can change destiny) ends up using an outside power that isn’t his and gets help from one of the strongest beings in naruto. Plus, it also means that it uses the 9 tails’ destiny in this fight, which is that the 9 tails would beat neji. So naruto’s destiny was to lose, but the 9 tails’ was to win.

        Also, neji doesn’t have a glass jaw. He was caught off guard, low on chakra and naruto was still full of 9 tails chakra. If u want a comparison, naruto’s punch vs neji is about as strong as 3rd or 4th gate lee level

  5. Yea looking back at the series watching through it with you guys …I’ve come to an unpopular opinion….naruto got carried by the nine tails ….BUT they hooked you into the character by making him so incompetent that u wanted him to succeed no matter what. And prove everybody wrong.

    Still love naruto character tho…just interesting to see looking back

  6. Hi hi, just popping in to remind you that the Bikochu Beetle arc, far in the future, is technically filler but gives Hinata excellent character development and the only development she’ll get for years. I must recommend that you watch it. I’ll be back later.

  7. I think some are too hard on the destiny part. As an outside viewer we know his destiny. However, at this point all Naruto knows is he has a fox spirit in him for unknown reasons. He has no idea the purpose of a tailed beast spirit is to be a tool for the village to use.

    1. Kinda, but not really. I mean, episode 1 – Iruka talk no jutsu’s naruto. Even if u want to believe that “talk no jutsu is only naruto’s technique” which is total bullshit, naruto’s first use of it is in episode 2 with konohamaru or if u don’t wanna include that one, then there is ep 19 with zabuza. There are a lot of uses of it, but this really isn’t one of its earlier showings. It’s probably in the first 5 or 10 though

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  9. OMG thank you Rob for fixing that error. It always bothers how they make that mistake (and its not the only time, I think). The only thing worse than that is how they choose to let “My nindo” in there so he says it twice, in japanese and english, dumb

    1. That’s probably because you don’t understand what the word “nindo” actually means. Nindo is much more than just someone’s ninja way and way of life, but that’s its most basic form of translation, which is why “nindo” in the sub becomes “ninja way” because you still hear the word “nindo” so you know it means more than what’s being said, whereas in the english, if all they said was “that’s my ninja way”, then it takes the rest of the nindo meaning away from the context.

      To simplify what I just said, nindo can’t be directly translated into english because there is no english word that fits it, and since they can’t fit a paragraph into a few seconds of mouth flaps, they include the original word, and give the closest meaning in english, so we get the most basic understanding of it.

      Here is a link so you find out more –,%E2%80%9C%E5%92%8C%20(harmony)%E2%80%9D.&text=If%20each%20person%20wears%20the,%E2%80%9CNindo%20(NINDO)%E2%80%9D.