Naruto 63 Reaction

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    1. Honestly up there as best fight in part 1. In a different world, it would be how all fights would continue on, so it’s special to see people be ninjas in tis show about ninjas

  1. I had some friends in High School who were twins and their names were Sonia and Tonia so the whole twins have such similar names is easy for me to believe

  2. Awesome editing of the lines and re-adding the whisker marks. It’s always bugged me when flashbacks have a different line than the original quote.
    Like Sasuke’s “Scaredy Cat” becomes “Little girl” in only one of the flashbacks and stuff, and it really triggers me xD

    I don’t know if the edit was by the main editor of the video, or if the one editing the episode they’re reacting to is the same person, but from that they now have soooo much respect from me. You’re awesome!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one that was frustrated with that line change. Especially since it’s one of the only times they say little girl instead of the original dialogue.

  3. I just like the contrast between the thumbnail of the Youtube video and the one from the reaction portion. Makes me wonder and try to guess which part they are reacting in each.