Naruto 64 Reaction

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      1. Well, Shikamaru did act pretty misogynistic, specially in the dubs. And maybe they watched the Fate episode before this so they might’ve been hungry for action.

        Besides in the episode it should’ve been clear that he could’ve won the match if he wanted, in fact he knew how to, he had at least a 100 ways to do it. But:

        1.- He didn’t want to.
        2.- He indulged himself in being lazy because as Eric said, the objective is not to win, but to impress the judges. While the others fought thinking of these as real fights. He chose to hack the game.

        I just keep saying it, but the wording and the voices of the dubs keep making very small changes that somehow end up giving the wrong impressions. Not enough to change facts, since I know they will end up loving Shikamaru.

  1. Had his fight actually been the fourth fight instead of the second, he would’ve already had enough shadow in the arena to absolutely crush Temari from the beginning. I always felt that was part of why he was annoyed by his match coming closer this early.