Naruto 66 Reaction

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        1. Because this is information that has ALLREADY be revealed (the dad being the Kazekage was said explicitly, and the mother dying in childbirth without clarification if it was a natural death or related to “Gaara’s Demon”), they just forgot about it so people are reminding them to keep them from arriving at incorrect conclusions.

  1. It has been acceptable for a match to end in death at both stages… I kind of imagine that’s almost like a liability thing, though. ^^’ Like, the kind of deaths you’d EXPECT from ninja battles– where someone is so fast with a weapon and hits a vital spot and the ref may not have been ABLE to stop it. Of course… Those aren’t typically the kind of fights you see in Naruto. So I think the matter of ‘it’s okay to kill your opponent, but it’s up to the ref’s discretion’ is more about… Like, if Sasuke was down and knocked out, the proctor wouldn’t let his opponent just continue to beat him until he died. That sort of thing.
    (Speaking of, I’d love for you guys to see Yu Yu Hakusho.)

    1. Considering that its rock lee, he would refuse sitting down anyway. I mean, this is a kid who trains until he drops and literally doesn’t stop. Even when completely injured and told by everyone to stop, he continues to train. You expect a guy like him to just sit down to watch a match, all because of a few broken bones? Hell, I’m surprised that lee isn’t watching the whole thing on a handstand, or doing squats while watching it.