Naruto 67 Reaction

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  1. Soooo, Eric doesn’t liike the sound of the Chidori?

    Then it’s a good thing that it’s not used in EVERY. SINGLE. FIGHT. that Kakashi and Sasuke have for the next 7 years…

  2. You know, this era of the Chunin exams was always so much about Naruto’s fight with Neji for me, that I forgot the episodes for Sasuke’s fight, leading up to the invasion, actually were pretty hype too. That scream from Gaara is one of my favorite voice acting moments in the whole show.

  3. So Eric can’t stand that noise huh? Don’t worry Eric, it’s not like sasuke is going to use chidori every single chance he can throughout the next 3 shows.

    1. Its called a reaction for a reason. They talk, discuss and REACT to things as they happen. If u wanna watch the show, its on crunchyroll and many other sites, but here is for THEIR reaction. If they miss anything important, it gets caught in the editing process, or they get told about it, so don’t worry about “they are talking so much that they are missing the show”

  4. so i dont actually know about the frog snail snake thing but my mind is telling me that snakes eat frogs, frogs eat snails and i think i heard something about that snails get stuck in the throath of snakes becuase of their snail secretion so the snake dies and the snail can wander out of their throat