Naruto 69 Reaction

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  1. Ah the reanimation jutsu. Arguably the most broken jutsu ever seen. Bringing back literal gods of power and having them fight at even a fraction of their strength. I honestly think, while a cool moment here, it sets up for major world building issues. Really should have created a bigger limit on it.

    Besides that Shikamaru just reconfirming why he’s best boi in part 1

  2. Chakra nature isn’t determined by what village you’re from. All shinobi have a base chakra nature that’s either random or a family trait. I don’t want to go into it too much because it borders on spoilery.

    1. You’re right and I hope they read these comments 😛 Also thank you for divulging only what they needed to hear and not going into spoiler territory!

  3. So Aaron was right initially on who was in the third casket. Orochimaru cannot reanimate someone who is still living because the reanimation effectively brings the dead back to “life” temporarily. So the person in the last casket would have been the other already dead Hokage – the Fourth, whom you saw briefly in the first episode of Naruto during the prologue.

    1. i dont think thats true, because the 4th should be sealed with the reaper death seal so that one might have been THE “YOU KNOW WHO” but then again since 1st didnt brake free maybe a lot of stuff hadnt been thought for the story line so it could have been the 4th

      1. It was absolutely supposed to be the 4th and was a retcon. Kishimoto didn’t even write how the 4th sacrificed himself tell Shippuden lol

  4. These episodes are so jarring at first in the dub- when we see the first two hokage again way later on (in flashbacks and lore exposition) they switch voice actors lol

  5. spoiler alert :

    i think that was not 4th hokage because he was sealed inside the reaper death seal… that 3rd casket might be 3rd kazekage’s because he also used 3rd kazekage against sasori.

    1. No, it was stated to be the 4th hokage. At the time, kishimoto probably hadn’t put much thought into way later down the line, especially since he makes it a big deal to suggest that the 4th hokage is the strongest and best (despite hashirama being right there). So its either retconned later, is a plothole or is forgetfulness on kishimoto’s part. Most likely the 1st option, but the other 2 are equally as valid

  6. You guys are confusing this with avatar the last air bender. The villages names are just where they’re hidden like their village is hidden by tread so is the village hidden in the leaves then there’s a village hidden in the mist and hidden in the sand…. the type of ninja element has to do with the person not where they live