Naruto 70 Reaction

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      1. its more the 720 episodes that they have to go through (421 if they skip filler)
        at 1 a week it would take 13 years (8 years skipping filler)
        naruto is too long to do as a once a week show

  1. When the next show anime they are doing ends they should put 2 episodes of naruto a week on the poll. Then it wouldn’t interfere with any scheduling and people would have a fair say on if they want 2 a week. (Think it would win by a long shot)

    1. The reason they don’t do 2 a week is because they don’t want to show favouritism to any one famdom and because they want to experience shows the same way everyone else did. Putting 2 episodes a week on a poll doesn’t change any of that because it still shows favouritism to Naruto

      1. i feel like a poll does change that, cause if people don’t want to see it and are upset it shows “favouritism” they won’t vote for it. And tbh who cares, if it wins it wins.
        Just my opinion cause i see people comment this on every naruto reaction that they should do more.

      2. If they wanted to experience the show the way everyone else did, they wouldn’t have a guy editing episodes to remove titles and shit like that.

        I don’t personally care if they do 2 a week or not (I’m fine with the current pace). But I did want to point out that your “they want to experience shows the same way everyone else did” argument is 100% grade-A hogwash.

        1. They want to experience shows week to week just like everyone else did, however as they are a reaction channel they do try to avoid spoilers because it ruins the whole reaction aspect. Thought that was pretty obvious since Aaron’s explained this several times over the years, but I guess not everyone pays attention