Naruto 71 Reaction

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      1. Yeah, exactly. Having only one episode a week is another reason they’re so far behind The Normies. Although, The Normies also did used to do singular weekly episodes, but at least they adapted not too far in. Now they are consistently still doing two episodes, sometimes dropping three or four on the off occasion. It taking years is no exaggeration though, if they watch even only canon episodes with one per week, it’s literally going to take years for them to get through just just Naruto, yet alone Naruto Shippuden…

        1. I’m sure as shit not going to bother trying to keep up with the releases on a weekly schedule because there will be points where it’s just MONTHS of slog even skipping filler. It’s ostensibly a smart move to prolong the content as long as possible to always have something, but for something as fucking painfully shonen as Naruto where half an episode can end up being recap of what happened the last episode is insufferable.

        2. i already did the math on the last episodes comment section

          720 episodes that they have to go through (421 if they skip filler)
          at 1 a week it would take 13 years (8 years skipping filler)

          even with 2 it will take a while but its considerably faster
          naruto is too long to do as a once a week show

      1. it’s more the 8 to 13 years it’s going to take at the current pace
        I’m fine with them uploading 2 a week and keeping the Patreon benefits the same(just give slightly more reason to get them to be honest)
        it just significantly speeds up the 420-720 episode slog that is naruto

    1. Yes please, I would even be fine with a second episode of naruto replacing Hunter X Hunter once it finishes, even if it’s just putting the option in a poll

  1. I’m glad that guys enjoyed this episode. Now some advice ride the high of this episode and the next one when it comes to the Hokage. Just remember how badass and cool this was

  2. Great reaction guys! Regarding the two first Hokage and their strength level, I would compare it to the finale of Young Justice Season 1 with Klarion controlling the members of the Justice League, Orochimaru can use all of their powers but not as well nor as powerfully as they could of their own free will and when they were alive.

  3. One of the great things about this show is when a big fight comes up, they up the animation budget and make the most meaty fighting episode look amazing. You’ll start to recognize when such an episode begins because you’ll see the different style used to draw the characters. They use less colors so the character models look a little more simplified but the animation quality blasts through the ceiling. It’s always hype when you see it coming.

  4. By my calculations if you only do one episode a week even skipping filler it will take you 8 years to finish naruto…. they are really tiny episodes you can easily do 2/3 a week some of the episodes are half of it a recap

  5. I really enjoy your guys reactions, the mud wall comment killed me, couldn’t stop laughing. I just wished you guys could do at least 2 per week instead since this series is not only long but it has a ton of padding and unnecessary flashbacks even in the non filler episodes.

  6. The purpose of the Naruto run is also not to impale yourself on your kunai or blade if ever you fall. In any samurai movie, they do this as well and run holding their Katana behind them, the blade pointing to the ground.