Naruto 72 Reaction

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  1. this show isnt that complex with its imagery so they are both equally possible cause they telegraph everything with images i.e. opening and ending themes are “spoilery” the more the series goes on

    1. I know it’s a pretty unpopular opinion, but I actually kind of like that they’re getting the full experience, having to wait each week, sometimes only getting episodes that hardly move the story along. I know one of them joked about the Hokage v Orochimaru fight lasting 20 episodes, but I think it literally does.

      1. I think the weekly single episode experience works fine if you’re part of/aware of the online community of a series or even just re-watching on your own, making your own theories, talking about it among friends, etc. For these guys though it’s more like they’re just in their little bubble and probably not thinking much about the series in between episodes, with personal life stuff and so many other shows being watched, so the weekly single episode might just end up weakening their overall experience/enjoyment/understanding?

  2. Aaron disagrees with almost every point the other 3 make inmost reviews. I have always felt it’s partly a playful act and role he takes on the panel but also it stinks of him just being argumentative for the sake of it which takes the conversation in circles and plenty of scenes never get covered in reviews when he does that.

    1. I think they think this because of the way that they spoke to each other. Remember when she got saved by them from the lion attack? It probably seemed like it was them saving a superior, especially the way that they checked if she was ok and stayed by her. That’s why I think that they see anko being linked to the anbu, because of moments like those


    That’s the crazy part of Orochimaru character that he says I want immortal Jutsu, and the crazy is that he does it like there are clear signs that in Boruto, he is going to live forever, and there’s no way of killing him. He literally dies twice and comes back unscathed

      1. It’s not even really major spoilers. I mean… Its kinda shown in this episode anyway that Orochimaru isn’t mortal and has an immortality jutsu. Also, he technically isn’t immortal and he can die. He has to keep switching bodies every few years before his current body decays and dies.

        So it’s only a spoiler in terms of saying “Orochimaru doesn’t die”, which only spoils 2 fights