Naruto 73 Reaction

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  1. i take it as flash aka the fourth modified the seal so it sealed in naruto not the reaper. so he created the reaper jutsu first and then did some chaning of the “recipe” so the destination is a particular person not the reaper. off to narutopedia to find out lol great source for informantion all things naruto

  2. so i got it. the reaper doesnt have to take the whole soul. the reaper/shinigami is under the control of the summoner via the contract but they will die after summoning him (there is a caveat to this but ill let the show tell ya) so for the nine tails he cut out part of its chakra (yang) and then he (the fourth) took it and sealed it in naruto instead of letting the reaper eat it. then, the jutsu done, the reaper ate his soul. thats the best i can do without spoilers

  3. You find out more about the Fourth Hokage and how he sealed the Fourth Hokage later in Naruto Shippuden. Without spoiling anything I do believe Eric was on to something about the difference between Fourth using a baby to seal the fox vs how the Third Hokage is using his own body for the seal. For one thing the Third Hokage is trapped by himself fighting Orochimaru and his allies, so he only has his own body to seal the souls in. The Death God ate the souls of the first two Hokages only after they were seated into the Third Hokage’s Shadow Clones. Presumably if they were sealed somewhere else they would not have been eaten by the Death God.

    That leaves the door open for why the fox might not have been eaten. There is also the idea that the fox couldn’t be eaten by the Death God like you said and they needed to seal it into someone else. The Fourth Hokage definitely used this technique, because the seal that we saw on the Third Hokage’s belly is the same one we see on Naruro’s belly.