Naruto 75 Reaction

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  1. This is my favourite arc in naruto! Just a suggestion guys, why don’t you do a poll asking the riders if would be a good idea skip the fillers chapters from 101 to 106 and from 135 to 219 in naruto to catch up earlier with shippuden? Are just a bit boring episodes to develop characters but nothing important to the main story and shippuden it’s sooooooo great that you are gonna die 🙂

    1. They already decided to skip the fillers. They skipped episode 26 for example that was a summary of the series so far. I really doubt they will waste time with the fillers between Naruto and Shippuden. There are barely reactors who do that.

  2. Guys… the substitution jutsu with the log was literally explained in the first episodes they just swap places with a log. They don’t transform the log in to a person. They just see the attack coming and swap places with it so the attack hits the log and not them.