Naruto 76 Reaction

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  1. The Orochimaru and Third Hokage stuff is the worst pacing in all of Naruto and that’s an impressive feat. It’s one of the reasons I’d love a Naruto Kai, but replacing some of the manga filler with some of the good anime filler (think this bad cutaway pacing and the Gai/Kakashi race respectively). It could fix some of the major anime problems

    1. No no, the worst pacing in all of Naruto belongs to the fucking bridge in Shippuden where they meet Orochimaru and Kabuto. There is dead-ass a whole episode of Orochimaru getting thrown away, and taking 20 minutes to walk back to where he was.

      1. Yeah, and after that is when they start doing the big filler arcs. Which, then, kinda sucked. But now, since you can skip them, is actually amazing. Because that made the real arcs have better pacing.

  2. We’ve been saying for a long time to just watch 2/3 episodes at the time in the same video you don’t need to do separate videos just do a discussion about the 3 episodes together but naruto had horrible pacing so you’re stuck with watching episodes that are basically just recap from previous stuff.
    When I started watching naruto it was in the zabuza saga so I had to watch it weekly but I couldn’t put up with that pacing so I spent like months without watching naruto to let episodes accumulate so I can binge

  3. I just cant wait for 2 more episodes till we see their reaction to that new amazing op ?? i also understand the orochimaru and 3rd hokage stuff is annoying but just dun take it too much in mind for amn hype now. Btw pls make sure to watch ep 78 and 79 in a row cause its a dame hype episode

  4. I honestly feel like it’s actually taking away your guys enjoyment of the show. Like no one watched the first naruto weekly cause it’s a bit frustrating. It’ll literally take you guys 8 years to watch all of naruto with no fillers… do you guys really wanna spent 8 years watching the same show with terrible pacing once a week for 8 years

    1. Seriously, I pretty much skip a large amount of the Naruto videos where nothing significant happens because of how much it just drags out this shit. Even if they plan to skip all the filler stuff it’ll take so long just to get out of Naruto itself and even then the last like 20 episodes are mostly filler as well so might as well be cut. They seriously need to just batch episodes and do it faster because I feel like one or more of them are going to get right fucking sick of this.

    1. They don’t even have to give us 2 episodes a week I would just feel much better if they watched like 3-5 episodes in batches to deal with the god awful pacing

  5. yes, nothing has happened. and people wonder why im not into anime: exhibit A. and its more so shonen anime that does this. sailor moon at least did a villain of the week! we would have a main evil knight per arc who the girls defeated after 20 eps or so and until then a monster an ep defeated! move on to the next! simple pimple like life. so yeah watch more eps a week so its not so tedious. also watch sailor moon 🙂

  6. Yes, the pacing of naruto is terrible, I really like the story but I would like a new and summarized version, removing all those scenes that do not add much

    It’s sad to see how much Calvin hates Naruto, but I understand it hahaha again the pacing and feel that the story does not advance, where you could well have 3 chapters in one and it would improve the experience a lot

    For me this reaction was sad because I really like Gaara’s backstory and it was not the focus of the discussion.

    1. I think its an exaggeration that Calvin hates Naruto – it’d be fine even if he did, but I dont think that its an accurate assessment of what he said. He hates (or rather dislikes might be a better word) the pacing due to repeated and long flashbacks, 20 sec cut scenes that dont progress the story etc. I get the impression that he actually is enjoying the rest of the show a lot and this one aspect is simple meh to him (as it was to everyone watching week to week originally I’m sure)

  7. If you guys are not enjoying Naruto then you should stop reacting to it b/c it’s starting to show in your vids. This anime came out in the early 2000’s, so the pacing is not going to be similar to the newer animes that are out. While many of us love Naruto, I don’t think it’s the right anime for you guys to react to based on your policy of the watching one episode per week. I think your subscribers would understand if you dropped it.

  8. The vast majority of Naruto fans didnt watch it week to week, but instead binged through the first few arcs at least. What’s the point of a reaction series that is both frustrating *and* not aligned with how most people experienced it. It’ll get better a few years from now when the pacing is better lol.

    1. iirc I watched it day to day. It aired every day when I watched it on Cartoon Network, before going back to the start just before the Sasuke Retrieval arc. Drove me nuts.

      1. I watched it weekly when I was 12. I was watching it as it was first being dubbed tho. It’s the first anime I ever watched and went and found subs for.

  9. Fellow commenters, relax. I’m of the party that believes that watching a show that was aired weekly on a weekly schedule gives a more authentic experience. I also believe you can bitch about pacing without hating a show. They’ve already stated plenty that they aren’t doing more than once a week. I would do as Ana succinctly recalled and let a few episodes pile up so you can binge them. If this many of you feel that strongly, unsubscribe for a month and put the “once a week” naruto policy as your reason. That would make the team take notice and reconsider their policy, while also giving you a chance to bank a month of episodes to watch in batches.

    Many of you suggested they watch them in batches, which I think they do unless you guys believe they wear the same clothes for weeks at a time. That wouldn’t solve the problem of Naruto being filled to the brim with padding and recaps that usually come with weekly anime. In fact, binge-watching makes it worse. At an average of 21 minutes a pop, you’re liable to see the same flashback 3 or 4 times in the same hour.

    In short, it’s their choice what to do with their schedule. It’s your choice what to do with your money and free time. A bunch of people paying to yelp in the comments isn’t hurting their Patreon intake, and a once-a-week schedule helps their Youtube intake.

    1. Agreed with most of what you said. Although I also think its good for commentators to comment on things they dont like just as much as they should be commenting on things they like – and that applies to all shows and all aspects of all shows. As long as people are being respectful, stating negative opinions isnt “bitching” IMO (this applies to both the crew in reactions and also to the commentators here). Also I think you can point to the Normies and many other reaction series as an example of how batching certain long shows is actually better for reactions and more importantly discussions. Even though most Normies reactions arent my cup of tea, their Naruto reactions were far more enjoyable to me, in large part because of the batching. So enjoy if you can, and if not, just enjoy the other stuff, thats what I do lol.

      1. I don’t think letting episodes pile up it’s going to help any. The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough to watch in one sitting. The problem is that they are literally going to take the majority of a decade to get through this series. It is taking them a year to get to this point. Over a year in fact. Sure, that’s how long it took to watch it originally. But that’s when it was first coming out. I was in early middle school when I came out. I was an adult when it finished. When it comes to reactions, most people don’t wanna go through that crap.

        1. I actually agree.. in fact most people experienced Naruto while binging through many of the initial arcs because that’s when it was discovered and many left it when they had to go week to week. At least in my circles. I agree week to week is extremely unsatisfying. But it is what it is.

  10. You don’t need to watch five or six episodes at a time. You need to watch two at a time, and three at least once a month. Now that you’ve finally brought it up, can you also explain why you guys don’t do it?

  11. So close yet so far…. One more episode until a new opening ep.78
    Also since I’m not a Patreon sub I have to wait 4 more weeks.
    So in total, that’s 6 more weeks until they react to episode 82. Then another 4 weeks for the non-patreon members.
    So basically what I’m saying is see you all in 10 weeks or around July 6 the when episode 82 drops for everyone.

  12. I think some are overreaching to Calvin’s criticism. I don’t get a sense he dislikes the show. I remember absolutely hating some of the pacing in this arc but I still enjoyed the Naruto story and I feel that’s where the crew is right now.

  13. The explanation of the pace and padding in episodes is very simple, When the anime came out, there was less than a year between the paper manga weekly chapter release and the episode for the same scene. A better pace to the anime would have meant catching up on the manga and be stuck as for Game of Thrones or the first version of Full Metal Alchemist. This why fillers exist, to let the paper manga get ahead. They compare to HunterXHunter but the 1999 version was slow as well. The 2011 version was the first time a studio had an opportunity to choose their pace because it was a reboot and they new at this point where they would stop in the story and they had no risk of catching up on the manga. It is the same thing with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood that was a reboot as well.