Naruto 77 Reaction

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  1. Y’alls frustration with the pacing is super relatable lmaoooo.. i’m glad i was a kid when i watched these episodes because its rough.. BUT the good story elements are still there so!

  2. Watching naruto week by week is like masochism. It reminds me of watching dragonball z years ago, where only 1 thing would happen and all of a sudden the next thing you hear is, “next time on dragonball z” every week.

  3. “Should be saying this out loud”
    You see the problem is Naruto is still young and hasn’t master the art of talk no jutsu yet.

    1. But naruto has mastered it though…

      He used it in ep 2 with konohamoru, zabuza on the bridge, haku and naruto kinda went back and forth, Inari, chunin exams he hypes everyone up and gives them confidence, gives a good talk to sasuke in chunin exams during the orochimaru attack, neji fight, hinata fight, and he even uses it in a few episodes against gaara.

      I mean, when do u even want to say that naruto has “mastered” it? In shippuden? Because damn, naruto uses it a hell of a lot in original naruto too, and its just as effective

  4. The frase “I love you” exists, however, it is often not said since the wording is a little extreme. Instead they say “I like you”.
    From what my friend tells me (native Japanese) “I love you” is something she might say in an extreme situation to her husband on her or his deathbed.
    But, “I like you” is basically used as “I love you” even in situations when you confess your love to the other person. It is just as emotional as if you would tell someone you love them in english.