Naruto 78 Reaction

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  1. “That’s was like 10 episodes worth of content.”
    I love that reaction soo much. After the unbelievably slow pacing we’ve had to sit though, we finally get an episode that just throws it all at you

  2. This and next episode were the 2 main landmark of naruto original series and most fans still adore these 2 episodes so much even after the entire series is done 😀 hoped you guys got to watch these 2 in 1 sitting though

  3. Right next to episode 19 as one of my favorite episodes to rewatch over and over again. I couldn’t stop smiling watching your guys’ reaction.

  4. FIGHTING DREAMERS!!!!! This op is a fan favorite… and i think its one of the first songs most people think of when talking about Naruto!

  5. When Naruto (the story) decides to kick in to high gear, it really kicks in like no other. The next two arcs are great lore wise and emotionally as well, so I can’t wait to see their reactions!

  6. Jfc, you guys are celebrating like you just escaped hell or something, the 3rd intro wasn’t that bad. It actually really grew on me. I hated it at first but after a while I really came to love it and if you pay attention to the visuals as well as the song it goes really well and is very wholesome. Not every intro has to be off the walls excitement and hype. The calmer one’s can be just as good.

  7. one of the narratives I heard about the show in part 1 was Sasuke is a terrible friend but watching it now, on 2 occasions he was ready to give his life for his comrades. Is it because he’s not touchy-feely like the rest of the team cause I’m confused about where this narrative comes from

    1. I’m not sure if you have seen the show fully or not, so I don’t want to say anything that might be spoilers. But basically, sasuke so far has shown that he is really disconnected with people and his emotions, has a hateful/respectful rivalry with naruto and mostly cares for himself and his goal of “restoring his clan and destroying a certain someone”.

      Sasuke does basically everything in search of completing his goal, in terms of training and putting himself in danger, because he believes that if he isn’t able to overcome these things then he doesn’t feel like he can ever complete his goal. So basically, he has complete disregard for his life, because he either succeeds or in his mind he thinks “I was too weak to continue and win”.

      Also, there are some things which come up later in part 1, especially near the end of part 1 where (not to spoil anything), things happen between naruto and sasuke which completely shows their feelings towards each other and their rivalry etc.

      But you are correct that sasuke has risked his life 2 times now, but its as he says, he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate of his past again, since it was too traumatic and caused him to become how he is. And so because of this, he is prepared to risk/throw away his life in order to prevent the same fate from happening, and like I said earlier “if he isn’t able to overcome these things then he doesn’t feel like he can ever complete his goal”

  8. That reminds me of an MV of GO where some of the Japanese VAs for Naruto and Attack on Titan sing parts of it. Honestly GO is probably one of the best anime openings of the early/mid 2000s

  9. Man I remember when I watched this as a 10 year old. This episode was so exciting, i was waiting so long for this I’m so happy you’re finally experiencing it.

  10. Eric is that little kid that gets so excited, he starts shaking and screaming. Your reactions were so enjoyable.

    And Rick is the quiet guy that tolerates his loud friends. Even when Rick is ROLLING laughing, it’s nothing but a grin and a gentle chest jiggle.

    Calvin is the guy that Chief Toad was talking about when he mentioned insomnia, not Gaara.

    And Aaron…Aaron is why we have to have subtitles. Because Aaron.

  11. I really do hate bringing it up because it kind of splits the community a tiny bit, and I was probably the opposite of Shane’s biggest fan, but I do miss his reactions to Naruto. Knowing his son was also watching it made me enjoy his reactions more. Seeing him reflect on the lesson of the episode knowing he’s thinking about how his son also watched the episode was always sweet. When he would mention talking with his son about Naruto I got so excited.

    Shane, brother. If you’re out there right now, I hope you and your son binge-watched the rest of Naruto and you’re hopping onto the channel to see your friend’s reactions. I know things left on a down note, and you’ve probably made yourself scarce around these parts, but you’re still one of the family even though you messed up. Here’s hoping this resulted in a net positive of you bonding with your son over something you can enjoy together. I know you’ve said you’re sorry, but we are too brother. Sorry it had to go down like that.

    I didn’t expect this comment to go on so long, but I’ve had this thought since he left and I feel the wounds aren’t as fresh anymore. Not sure how the crew feels, but to a lot of us, he’s still family. Even those of us who weren’t his biggest fans. Let us know how he’s doing, or have him visit for a reaction. Even if you guys have the personal closure of the private resolution, whether good or bad, we have nothing.

    I know I’m only a public spectator commenting on something very private and personal to which I haven’t a clue the details of, but I’m just speaking my peace as a longtime viewer, from the perspective of the outside looking in.