Naruto 79 Reaction

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  1. We finally get to close the page on this arc and can open up to some really great stuff! I’m sure a lot of us where sweating bullets listening to some of their topics of discussion lol

  2. I guess we kinda got the whole tournament.
    Round 1 Naruto beat Neji, Gaara beat Sasuke, Shino and Kankuro had a draw, and Temari beat Shikamaru
    Round 2 Naruto and Gaara had a draw and Temari wins by default

  3. Come on guys. You forgot half of the series: Naruto already won against Haku, Kiba and Neji. He has more victories than any character at this point.

    1. This is the first victory he got almost completely due to his own skill. Without 9 tails and an accidental fart he could barely even touch Haku, Neji, and Kiba. Here he only needed it for the final headbutt.

        1. He didnt use the 9 tails to summon bunta this time ( he did the first time he summoned him) or to transform into the fake fox. The only time he used 9 tails chakra in this fight was when he headbutted gaara. And only because he was out of his own chakra that he used up for the 2k shadow clones, summoning jutsu, and transformation justu. People seem to forget that naruto by himself has alot more chakra than most ninja without any assistance from the fox.

    1. See I always thought that too but like why doesn’t akamaru start talking later? Like it actually makes me think it’l could be an uncle or someone that honestly just prefers their dog form haha. I mean maybe akamaru isn’t a ninja dog that can speak and his moms dog is but it doesn’t make sense that the best ninja dog on this show can’t talk but every other ninja dog can

      1. (SPOILERS) Haahah, well I think they did good keeping it that way. Would’ve been shocking for the public if a cute little puppy which only barks and whimpers appeared later on with Keith David’s voice and the size of a cow hahhaahhaha The size was enough and… why needs to talk!? Kiba understands him, it’s the best way to show the bond!! hahaha

    1. I mean a giant Toad has been made to look like the ninetails fox right this episode. People do weird shit with clones, illusions, summoning or replacing. It´s really not that far fetched to think the dog was a shapeshifted person or something.

  4. Someone plz tell them Neji is not blind lmao idk if they actually know hes not or what but they refer to him as the Blind guy and hes not blind at all hahaha