Naruto 80 Reaction

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  1. I mean Aaron says that but being real since the chunin exams (ep 20), Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have been very good friends. There’s been antagonism since then so to say they’ve not really been cool is untrue

    1. To be fair Kishimoto didn’t portray well their friendship in original Naruto. Sasuke saved Naruto once, then they started to hate each other again during Chunnin exam and now Naruto saved Sasuke back… that’s it. That’s why most people doesn’t like what happens in Shippuden related to that.

    2. Yeah i don’t get why people don’t like their friendship, maybe a lot of people don’t understand the type of friendship Naruto and Sasuke have or something, i don’t know. Since the beginning of the series they have respected each other in their own way. Sakura was the one who didn’t even respect Naruto at the beginning but their friendship keeps developing throughout the story since the land of waves

    3. My 2 cents is this, by this episode Naruto and Sasuke are on the way to becoming good friends it’s antagonistic but a little more time to mellow out and they’d have a chance of becoming best buds. Naruto and Sakura’s friendship is tenuous they care about each others well being but if the team broke up they’d rarely talk ever again but to a lonely kid like Naruto even that is worth fighting to the death for. It’s only after Naruto makes his promise to Sakura at the end of the series that the two are bound together and that is enough of a bond that lets them pick up where they leave off after the time skip and become real friends throughout shippuden (especially cause Naruto matures and Sakura stops being so fake).

      1. He did the same with cowboy bebop and berserk, honestly It’s like as soon as he hears silence he has to say something regardless if it’s an emotional or tense moment

          1. It’s an involuntary reaction to say some stupid shit during an emotional moment, u sound dumb af.

          2. Yeah it can be, some people deal with things differently than others. you dont like the reaction then peace the fuck out, youre complaining about someones reaction that you paid to see how they would react so whose the real dumb fuck?

        1. Nah, as someone who is meh on Itachi, he’s overrated but not a Gary Stu. The only major issues for him are his ‘thinking twenty moves ahead’ intelligence and his izanagi counter. Everything else is fine for an antagonist. The problem is the fanbase wanks him off while his actual role in the story is fine. Naruto has major problems that I believe hold it back, but Itachi is not one of them. He’s fine for what he is and has several weaknesses that are fine. I too have a gut reaction to dislike Itachi but I think we’ve let the fanbase get to our heads cus he’s not terrible, just not amazing

        2. It’s not unheard of since Naruto also has these kinds of thoughts granted anything relevant happens to make them come up. It has to do with their experiences and the fact that he’s one of a handful of prodigies in this fictional world of people with crazy abilities. It’s also anime so a lot of portrayal is meant to be freely artistic in expression. It’s fine to be exaggerated in tales.

      1. Lol… really?. “Hokege level mentality at 5 years old?”. Pulling all kind of Deus ex machina like Izanami, doing all kind of bad stuff justified as “just as planned”? He is the definition of a Gary Stu character.

        1. Yea, so that means kakashi, the entire nara clan, minato, hiruzen and other genius characters which are also strong = gary stu. This is anime. You see stuff like this all the time. Take dragon ball for instance, a little boy beats up an entire army basically by himself. And this is before he gets strong and finds out he is an alien. And if you wanna say “but goku and other characters have flaws and weaknesses”, then you don’t know itachi. Itachi suffered by seeing war by the time he was 4 or 5, and even had to kill an enemy ninja, whom he had tried to give water to. He then wanted to remove all war and become strong enough that he could simply step into any battle to stop it from happening, and to intimidate everyone into being peaceful (like how hashirama and madara did). And he was lucky enough to be born a child prodigy, with super high intellect and skill. He isn’t the best prodigy, since its stated that minato is the best prodigy, but he still is a better prodigy than kakashi.

          But itachi fails to fit in, he becomes cold and isolated and is too aware of the world which ruins his life and childhood, making him an adult in a childs body. He suffers by killing his clan, has complete regrets and decides to come up with a simple, yet effective plan. Kill everyone, let himself take the blame, let his brother get stronger (both to protect sasuke and to get him ready), and then fall to his brother so that sasuke becomes the hero. Itachi has many stamina issues, he has a crippling disease, he is in constant pain and mental turmoil.

          Tell me, what about this shows that itachi is “overpowered” and “has no weaknesses”. If u wanna look at someone in naruto and call them a gary stu, look at minato or madara, since they are both prodigies with high power and intellect and hardly any weaknesses (infact, kishimoto even said that madara has no weaknesses apart from his back thing)

  2. Getting into the fun stuff now and enjoyed the reaction and discussion. Four useless notebooks that can’t find Itachi’s name…the notebooks seem pointless in a lot of discussions where they don’t remember stuff but whatever this was fun

  3. I’m re-watching Shipudden right now and just realized it’s going to take them like 400 weeks to react to the stuff I’m watching now. That is going to take a loooong time.

  4. The face on the dogs’ backs is called a ‘henohenomoheji,’ which in hiragana is written as へのへのもへじ, as the face is made out of those characters. It’s a childish sort of default ‘face’, but notably it’s often drawn on scarecrows- and ‘Kakashi’ is Japanese for ‘scarecrow’.

  5. I just finished re-watching episodes 68-80 with the guys. I started with 20 a couple weeks ago after a long hiatus because I wanted to wait until this arc finished so I could marathon. I haven’t seen these episodes in 15 years or more. They still got to me emotionally, especially poor Gaara and the Third. Although I mostly watched in Japanese, which made syncing difficult, I did mute the audio a few times to check out the English dub. It’s pretty good for the most part. I love Steve Blum but Kujira’s Orochimaru is an actor/character match made in Heaven. Still, it was a glorious experience watching it with the guys and I can hardly wait to continue. I’m especially excited for the guys to meet Tsunade-sama.