Naruto 82 Reaction

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  1. I was wondering why the fight between the 3rd Hokage and Orochimaru took so long. It was Itachi’s doing all along. He shall pay for this.

  2. No Rick, the Akatsuki will NOT disappoint. Also, the sharingan is an Uchiha power, so Kakashi’s body is not really compatible with his sharingan, which is why it takes so much out of him, but the Uchiha clan also have the most and strongest chakra out of all the clans, though some non-Uchiha individuals have as much as or more chakra than even the strongest Uchiha 🙂

  3. Itachi ability are genjustsu (illusion).
    He can’t manipulate time and matter “In real world”
    Must make eye contact first.
    The akatsuki are the main villain for naruto shippuden. So it will be a while before you see and learn what they can do. This is just a sneak speak to them.
    For the seven swordsmen of the mist. You only see few other in filler, until shippuden start. You honestly will forget all about the swordsman until toward the end of the series.
    Also there are 9 members of the akatsuki after orochimaru quit.
    Fun fact Itachi is the creator favorite character, my as well.

    1. Itachi can also use genjutsu without eye contact, and Itachi is Kishimoto’s favorite Akatsuki member, not his favorite Naruto character 🙂

        1. But its not though. Itachi is a master of genjutsu, possibly the best user of it in the entire show (excluding a 1 or 2 other genjutsu). He really doesn’t need his eyes to put you in genjutsu, his finger is enough. He only really needs his eyes when his opponent is powerful or skilled with genjutsu, other than that, itachi just “thinks” people into genjutsu if he wants

  4. You best had thank that there man Rhop for that edit!! putting the Mangekyo eyes in there wow! great job makes that scene so much cooler.

  5. Itachi was an Anbu captain, not ‘the chief’ fyi- they weren’t quite desperate enough to put a 13 year old in charge of the whole black ops lol (also Itachi is like 18 here).
    The big physical compatibility issues with Kakashi and his eye are that he can’t turn it off, and that his pool of chakra is much smaller than an Uchiha’s would be
    Fun fact! ‘Itachi’ means ‘weasel’ in Japanese.

  6. Hopefully with Ohio lifting all Covid guidelines for work spaces. The wave will all be at the table and have more intimate convos

  7. This episode is so crazy because the entire show we haven’t seen Kakashi struggle in the slightest and here he’s basically helpless, such a big contrast

  8. I’m a new Patreon member but when’s ever I try connect my Patreon to the blind wave website it does not work. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  9. How, exactly are they watching these episodes? I haven’t checked my old DVDs yet but they don’t match up to any streaming version of the show.