Naruto 83 Reaction

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          1. Yes waiting for 1 episode a week for a total of 400+ episodes to take 8+ years is impatience, Your iq is dropping faster than the uploads

    1. If you guys ever listen to their podcast or even just their Twitter, they bring it up pretty often that THEY WON’T be doing that. It’s a meme at this point.

  1. Oh boy, next episode is where the series hits you in the face after making you comfortable with some laughs and goofs. I’m so excited to see how the crew will react to the flashback.

  2. The thing with the bird (crow) is a recurring theme is some animes because they use the sound the bird makes to imply that something stupid is happening, the sound “aho!” in japanese sounds like the word “idiot”.

  3. That clip you saw likely was the actual VA. Naruto IS voiced by a woman. Also, not to confirm or deny your theorizing of the Akatsuki but… Though Itachi may not obviously resemble an animal like Kisame and Orochimaru… his name means ‘weasel.’ 🙂

  4. They didn’t notice the picture behind Kakashi revealing his sensei was the 4th Hokage. Also revealing why kakashi does the same bell training that Saratobi did. Also I love how Orochimaru and Tsunade both actually got bells, showing how strong they were at that age. Compared to team 7 you see the difference.

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    1. Not sure if this is even a real person, and not a bot with such odd wording, spacing, and grammar. If you are, though, they’re only doing canon/non-filler content for the series, and there’s literally only one canon movie (not counting any Boruto content, as even if they do react to that series, it’s going to be several years until then). Considering how that movie is called The Last, you should know that’s at the end of the series.

  6. This is kinda random but I thought I missed some of their reactions so I backtracked and forgot about the guy selling the candy… the three candy shapes sticking out from his headband, I forgot that part. I had to chuckle!