Naruto 84 Reaction

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    1. It will take some time but I think they will. The crew seems to be enjoying the show once the pacing picked up and the Naruto universe expanded.

    2. I’ve seen other people say they currently don’t have any plans to continue on with Shippuden. I don’t know where they would have said it though, maybe in a livestream?

  1. Just want to say that the reason for the ninja star Itatchi threw at Sasuke was to prove its not an illusion/genjutsu to Sasuke making him accept it as real.

  2. Remember these are always two sides of a story; one story always sound good until you hear the other side.

    Me personally I always found this part of the story strange. It confirm that orochimaru is stronger than kakashi and imply to to be stronger than jiraiyu or at least equal. While a Itachi is confirm to be stronger than orochimaru to the point orochimaru envy, respect and fear him all at once. Yet kakashi didn’t really fear him and was willing to take him out and fail. Now they are hyping Jiraiyu up to the point he could beat both of them? Inconsistent with the power scale. Assuming the akatsuki wasn’t fully plan out in term of power level.

    1. *SPOILERS*
      Itachi is very likely lying about his own strength. He likely could defeat Jiraiya but he wouldn’t want to for [major spoiler reasons]. As for Kakashi not being afraid to fight Itachi the way he was with Orochimaru, Kakashi likely didn’t know just how strong Itachi had gotten since leaving the village.

        1. I mean, in theory Itachi should be able to beat Jiraiyu in a 1vs1 match.
          Then again Jiraiyu hold his own against Pain.
          Not really sure who would win. My Bias biaschoice would be Itachi

          1. jiraya wouldve won against pain if hed knew they were six. he wouldve killed him with the genjutsu. if pain couldve resist that he just wouldve done it. he attacked pa in narutos fight just to prevent the genjutsu.

    1. I know I’m reading through these getting annoyed. Hey guys even if you don’t say what happens you’re still giving massive hints shut up

      1. Hopefully they at least watch the kakashi’s face ‘reveal’ episode in OG, that’s the only filler they’ve got to watch, their gonna love it.

  3. Aaron guessing – “I’m going to kill the entire leaf village if you don’t kill the Uchiha Clan”
    AH AH. And in 300+ more episodes he will not remember this..

  4. “I hope we see whoever’s eye got stolen” You got a LOOOONG time to wait. Not til Shippden like 100 plus unfortunately, but it’s sooo good. And yeah they definitely whacked the serious factor down unfortunately, I wish that stayed a fully serious moment.