Naruto 85 Reaction

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    1. Their editor Rob have done a lot of work with Itachi’s sharingan in these last 4 episodes, showing his Mangekyo pattern whenever he used Tsukuyomi, and now his right eye bleeding in this episode when he used Amaterasu. Personally, i think it absolutely destroys the moments later in the series when we see these things, but still an Incredible job by their editor 🙂

      1. In what way does it “absolutely destroy” anything? If anything it just prevents confusion, when I first watched the show I was just confused when they first showed the Mangekyo pattern since we hadn’t seen it before when we logically should have. There’s absolutely no narrative value in hiding the design until later. The blood is less necessary but I don’t think it detracts at all either, it’s not like the first time we see Amaterasu cause bleeding is a big, significant moment, it’s just a factor in using it, it doesn’t matter at all if we see it now or later.

        1. There’s also the upcoming r****gan (censored to avoid spoilers). I have a feeling that Rob is going to fix the color of it in early Shippuuden.

  1. Not gonna lie hearing them talk about how Itachi is a piece of shit but they still find him really cool, and just listing things they like about him, as just a huge Itachi fan I was YES!!!

  2. narutopedia lied to me. tsunade didnt show up til now and they said it was episode 83……….oh well finally! got to hear her epic voice! her epic intro/title! her epic assistant shizune! her epic pig tonton! the queen has arrived! for real this time!

    1. And Bakugou is voiced by Clifford Chaplin… also Connie in AoT and Tsukkis older brother in Haikyuu (think that’s all from what they watch)

  3. So their editor “fixed” the mangekyo sharingan scenes in these episodes. This is because canonically it was supposed to be shown, however they didn’t have an idea as to how it might have looked. Nothing is ruined or violated. The editor just literally fixed an old mistake.

  4. You guys basically nailed it, spoiler free:

    Sasuke has basic Sharingan, which let’s you “copy” techniques. Itachi can use Sharingan with DLC which is called the Mangekyou Sharingan. From there he uses his two other jutsu, Tsukuyomi (time dimension) and Amaterasu (black fire).