Naruto 86 Reaction

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    1. Imagine meaning a grown man insulting and cussing other people because they want more content, while having nothing to do with the people that makes it. Big yikes

    2. It’s not like they’re cussing about it or being rude unlike you. They are literally paying for this content do they’re allowed give their thoughts.

  1. In all honesty I just don’t know why they’re only doing one a week. I guarantee you that if they switched to two a week literally no one in their audience would have a problem with that. I don’t know if they explained why or not but it just doesn’t make sense. Are they doing it because of money because I’m not interested in consecutivly remaining on Patreon for a literal decade just for Naruto reactions once a week and I’m gonna stop next month. There are just so many more reasons why they should do two as opposed to one. Literally no other reaction channel does one a week. It’s not like they’re gonna to have nothing to react to when it over I mean Boruto is still going on to this day and it’s sequel series will probably go on long too and who knows there may even be another series with another main character after that. The show is just so painfully paced that it’s like getting a drop of water every week when you’re dehydrated. And they probably feel this way too. And it’s only a twenty minute show where some shows are forty minutes. All they have to do is watch one more episode after they record. Sorry about the rant but I just don’t understand why they’re doing this.

  2. In one of the really old Naruto games (like, Gamecube era) you can unlock a version of Naruto in Lee’s jumpsuit, using Lee and Guy’s style of taijutsu. So like… it’s just a tiny one-off joke in the series… but Someone got invested in it. And that’s kind of hilarious to me.

    1. If you think about it for less than 2 minutes, the answer becomes obvious. If they do 2 episodes for Naruto, then people will complain that they are giving Naruto “special treatment” and will ask for another show that THAT person likes to have multiple episodes per week. This will then keep going until they have to double ALL the episode drops they do for all the shows they watch, in order to keep things fair. I can imagine you are probably thinking now something like “but naruto has hundreds of episodes and it’ll take em years to finish”. For starters, around half of Naruto and shippuden are fillers (41% naruto filler, 41% naruto shippuden filler according to the online filler list), so since they are skipping fillers, this massively reduces the amount of episodes. Next, I can assume you are someone like me who watched naruto after it was released (or at the very least, didn’t have to watch ALL of the episodes week after week), because if you aren’t then you would realise that its the same thing that they are doing. They are experiencing it like fans did when it was first released, only better. For one, they have an editor who fixes errors, changes retcons or design changes and fixes openings to reduce spoilers and on top of that they don’t have to sit through the fillers or wait until the fillers are over.

      To put it simply, you are complaining that blindwave are doing what the original fans had to do when the show was first releasing. Just because the show is finished, doesn’t mean that they should just go through it like a speed train. Do you realise the amount of shows they watch? Last time I counted, it was about 21 or 22 different shows per week, not including movie reactions, gameplay, livestreams, box openings etc. This would take a long time to do especially since they also “work” on weekends and don’t have the weekend off like most working folk. I know you will say “but naruto is just too long, even without filler, so doubling it would speed the process and help them understand better, and keep the hype going”. Yes, I can see your point that naruto is indeed long and that 2 episodes might help the flow, but once again, this didn’t impact the original fans (who also had to sit through weeks of filler which blindwave can skip), so it shouldn’t impact them either. And where do you draw the line for length? Is it episodes? Because at what point do you then arbitrarily say “yep, now we are at the point that 2 eps is needed”. Is it 100 ep? 200? 50? Is it total watch time? If so, why don’t they do double eps for long shows like LOST etc, due to their hour long episodes and long seasons?

      This is why you can’t just play favouritism with a certain show you like, because once you do, it will be hypocrical of you to then condemn others to not voice that same complaint about their given show. If 1 show gets 2 episodes, then all shows get 2 episodes, which increases their amount of work, reduces their enjoyment, makes it a chore and a duty rather than an enjoying and pleasant experience, and reduces the time that they have for themselves (since people always forget they have a life outside of the camera). So please can people stop bitching about 2 eps per week, its getting old and annoying since they won’t do it and its became a channel meme. If you truly hate seeing the show how people saw it when it was coming out, then do what you already did and wait a few month (or few years) and then binge it if it bothers you that much. Thats the only solution to YOUR problem

  3. For everyone asking, they’ve said repeatedly that they won’t do two a week. While I wouldn’t personally mind, it doesn’t benefit them in any way. It’s more work for less pay. It makes no sense to switch from a content standpoint either. They do many other shows. Not to mention that capitulating to all the people begging for two a week, it’ll be three a week, then four. And then all the people waiting on episodes of their other shows will start trying to get two a week.

    I recognize a lot of the names that ask for 2 a week, meaning they’re still paying them every month while being dissatisfied with the service. Let’s pretend this was the only reactions they made. If you’re going to keep paying them for one a week, why would they cut that in half? Now their 4 episodes a month are valued at $7.50 (1.87×4) rather than $15 (3.74×4.) It’s only devaluing their own content. The best way to show your dissatisfaction is to vote with your dollar.

    Aside from that, those of us who watched it when it aired watched it once a week and survived. Not only is it more authentic to the experience that way, but it’s arguably more enjoyable because cliffhangers actually hang. Modern binge-watching has made people forget how exciting it was to look forward to the next episode. It made good episodes AMAZING and bad episodes TERRIBLE but that’s part of the charm.

    They’re already cutting out filler. It’s not like they didn’t look up the episode count before setting the schedule. Naruto always trends well because it’s still one of the most highly watched anime out there. Why cut the time they can pad that out in half? It’s a huge boon to their channel and I’m sure they’ve planned it to be for years.

  4. Joshua, they’ve repeatedly told that they won’t do two a week cause it creates a precedent for other shows. People will start demanding that for other shows too. And it will only spiral from there. I know you and many others would like it, me included, but it just doesn’t work. Read Travis’s comment for more insights into this.

  5. They’ve said over and over they won’t do 2 a week. So asking for it just makes you look dumb at this point. Also it won’t take that long to watch it at 1 a week since I’m pretty sure they said they have no plans to watch Shippuden after Naruto at the moment.

    Also If they do 2 a week for Naruto then the HxH people will say our show is also long so do 2 a week for us. Then the Teen Titans people will say the same thing. Then it just snowballs from there. It will get to the point where they will refuse to watch anything slightly long because people will complain for 2 a week.

    Finally The Normies do 2 Naruto episodes a week and the fans are still not happy with that. They want 3 or 4 a week. So If Blind Wave went to 2 episode a week it wouldn’t be long before people started complaining for more than 2 a week.